NFL Betting Lines & Odds

Betting LinesBetting lines and odds are the bread and butter for all sports bettors, as it tells them the chances a team has of winning, and how much money they can win. Being able to read and analyze these lines and odds will be important as you place your bets, so it will be necessary to learn. When looking through the sportsbook for the most recent NFL betting lines, what you will encounter a lot of numbers. These numbers provide several different important pieces of information:

  • Odds. Certain numbers represent the Odds, or the chances the sportsbook gives each team of winning a game. These can come in three different types: American, Decimal, and Fraction Odds.
  • Payout. Other numbers represent the Payout, the amount of money a sportsbook will pay if the bet wins. The payout amounts will be different depending on whether the team is the Favorite or the Underdog.

Types of Betting Odds

As mentioned above, there are three different representations of the betting odds that you will encounter at the sportsbooks.

  1. American Odds: these are the most common odds to find and they are represented by whole numbers; +110 or -150, etc.
  2. Decimal Odds: these are some of the easiest odds to use when calculating payouts and are represented by, you guessed it, decimal numbers; 1.60 or 3.50, etc.
  3. Fraction Odds: these are the least common when it comes to NFL betting, but they are represented by fractions; 1/5 or 3/2, etc.

Types of Betting Lines and Odds

The good news is that most sportsbooks offer the option of changing the betting lines / odds to the type that you prefer, so you do not need to know or learn to read them all.

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