49ers’ Randy Moss Will Not Retire After Super Bowl


Jan 2013

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Before the 2012 NFL season began, the San Francisco 49ers made an interesting and bold move by signing veteran wide receiver Randy Moss. With Moss sitting out and apparently retiring from the NFL after failed stints with the Minnesota Vikings and Tennessee Titans, the consensus was that Moss would finish his career without a Super Bowl while having the distinction as one of the best receivers to have ever played the game. Although Moss has been caused plenty of problems in the locker room throughout his career with the Vikings, Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots, the veteran wideout decided to return to the NFL and take a lesser role in the process with the 49ers. This was an uncharacteristic move by the perennial Pro Bowler, but apparently a smart one with San Francisco reaching the Super Bowl in his first season with the team. Even though Moss hasn’t produced the kind of numbers he once did with the Vikings and Patriots, the veteran has gotten the job done in terms of mentoring up-and-comer Michael Crabtree and filling the role intend after signing with the team in the off-season. If Moss wins that elusive Super Bowl next weekend at the expense of the Baltimore Ravens, the consensus seems to be that Moss will simply retire after finally being able to win a ring in the NFL. Despite being the logical move, Moss apparently wants to continue playing for at least one more season and will be welcome with open arms in San Francisco with head coach Jim Harbaugh hoping he’ll return next season. During his time with the 49ers, Moss has racked up 434 yards and three touchdowns. Not terrible numbers for a soon-to-be 36-year-old that came out of retirement after an entire year of watching from his couch at home.

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