Betting On Bronco Defense or Panther Offense


Feb 2016

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Betting On Bronco Defense or Panther Offense Each of the two teams playing in the Super Bowl have their strengths, and betting on which will win is the big challenge. This year, the Carolina Panthers will be facing the Denver Broncos, and it will be an intense match; unless Peyton Manning chokes like he did against the Seahawks two years ago. There is a big difference though, as the Broncos are not big on offense, despite having Manning on the field, but rather their defense has been their winning factor. On the other hand, the Panthers have an impressive offense this season, led by quarterback Cam Newton. The question is if the unstoppable offense can beat the unmovable defense.

The Good


Even before the season started the Panthers were not favored to win the Super Bowl, and many had their doubt they should even be in it, but their outstanding performance all season has certainly proven them more than worthy to have a shot at the trophy. They have an overall amazing team, with their offense and defense being ranked really well. This combination has helped them have an average margin of victory of 13 points per game, the highest in the league.


The Broncos have always been favorites, but they don’t let that get to their head. Their defense is worth boasting about, seeing as how they have only allowed 18.5 points per game (4th) and allowed 283.1 yards per game (1st). They also rank first in pass yards allowed (199.6) and third in rush yards allowed (83.6). They were able to hold the New England Patriots to 18 points, which is something when going up against the top offense in the league. They will be a force to reckon with, and the Panther will have a very hard time if they underestimate them.

The Bad


It is important to not blow a performance out of proportion. They did get a blowout of 49-15 against the Arizona Cardinals in their last game, but it doesn’t mean it will happen again. They have a tendency of laying off the pressure when they have a good lead, which is what almost gave the Seahawks a comeback. They will have to continuously put the pressure on or any lead they take can get taken away.


Their offense, plain and simple. Manning has not been at his best when playing with the Broncos, and it has been showing. They are 14th in the league for passing yards with 248.1 per game, which is one of the lowest Manning has ever posted, and is ranked last in passer rating. This will definitely hold them back from scoring, especially seeing as how the Panther defense is also quite good. This will make betting or even predicting which team will win the Super Bowl 50 much harder, but the Panthers are 6-point favorites over the Broncos.

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