Chicago NFL Draft Plans In The Works


Feb 2015

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Chicago NFL Draft

With Chicago hosting this year’s NFL Draft means there are many preparations to be done; even betting during the Draft is common. Due to the fact that thousands of people will travel to the city to watch or participate in the Draft, there are many aspects that need to be taken into account.

Even though the event is to take place in April, just a few months away, there have been few leaks to what Chicago has planned. What we do know is that it will be an outdoor festival, and is predicted to be more expensive than New York events. This will be the first time Chicago has hosted the NFL Draft in 51 years, so they have to make it special.

Just like anything involving the NFL, there are always demands that must be met. Chicago has had a 5-page list sent to them as well, so we will know what basic needs will be met.

Seeing as how the budget set out for this huge event will not be taken out of taxpayers pockets, Chicago needs to raise at least $3 to $4 million in sponsors and donations in order to cover the costs. It will be good to have the Draft be hosted in a different city, and Chicago may be the perfect choice.

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