Close Games Make Betting The Underdog Better During Week 11


Nov 2015

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Week 11 betting the underdogs
When discussing this sport, when there are close or evenly matched games, those give you opportunities for betting on the underdog, as there is a much higher chance that they will beat the spread, or even just win outright. As we move into Week 11 of the season, we find that there are more evenly matched games this week than what we usually find. To know which games should be close, simply look at the odds at any sportsbook, in this case, we are looking at Bovada.
Match Spread
Titans @ Jaguars Jaguars (-3)
Broncos @ Bears Bears (-1.5)
Cowboys @ Dolphins Cowboys (-1)
Colts @ Falcons Falcons (-6)
Buccaneers @ Eagles Eagles (-6)
Redskins @ Panthers Panthers (-7.5)
Raiders @ Lions Raiders (-2)
Rams @ Ravens Ravens (-2)
Chiefs @ Chargers Chiefs (-3)
49ers @ Seahawks Seahawks (-13)
Bengals @ Cardinals Cardinals (-5)
Bills @ Patriots Patriots (-7.5)
From the games that have odds, we can already see more than a few close games. The Denver Broncos have fallen out of grace with their recent losses, so they are not the favorite this week against the Chicago Bears. However, we all know that even without Peyton Manning, the Broncos could be a force to reckon with. Same applies to the Miami Dolphins, Detroit Lions, and the St. Louis Rams. In the Rams case, they have done a good job at beating tougher teams, so they may be able pull it off. When speaking about the point spread, the opposite could be true as well. Seeing a large spread could also give you the chance to bet on the underdog. For instance, the San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks game is given a 13-point difference, which is a big spread. If you have faith in the 49ers defense and offense, this could also be a betting opportunity. You can check against what the experts have picked. Underdogs have always given their loyal fans better payouts, but they do come with a risk, so be sure to pick the games that offer you that chance.

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