Franchise Tagged NFL Players At Edge Of Deadline


Jul 2015

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NFL franchise tags

Many NFL teams have seen a lot of movement from their players during this Free Agency period, while others have been able to retain their star players for a couple of years. However, there are certain football players that have been given the Franchise Tag, but are still at risk of leaving their original team.

There are five total players that still have yet to sign a contract, and with the deadline approaching in just a day, as it ends on Wednesday at 4 pm. These players have been deemed extremely important for their teams, which is why they got the tag in the first place. This is why it is important that they reach an agreement, and fast.

These five players and details are:

POS Player Team Tag
WR Dez Bryant Cowboys $12.82 million
WR Demaryius Thomas Broncos $12.82 million
OLB Justin Houston Chiefs $13.2 million
DE Jason Pierre-Paul Giants $14.81 million
K Stephen Gostkowski Patriots $4.59 million

With players like Bryant, who are among the best in their position can exercise some pressure on the team to meet their requirements for staying, but it may get out of hand. Let’s hope all of these great players stay with their team’s, as they have already suffered the loss of one or two players due to them getting traded or signed with an opposing team. This will certainly be right on the edge, as the NFL teams re-evaluate their strategy to retain these football players.

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