Grades For NFL Teams Before The Season Starts


May 2015

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NFL Offseason Grades
As the NFL is still in the offseason, but that doesn’t mean that the fans will be tuning over to ESPN Ocho to watch soccer. There are some grades that have been given to each of the 32 teams, so you can start to make your predictions before the season takes off. There are the following grades for each NFL team:
  • New York Jets: A
  • Green Bay Packers: A-
  • Washington Redskins: A-
  • Dallas Cowboys: B+
  • Jacksonville Jaguars: B+
  • Minnesota Vikings: B+
  • Seattle Seahawks: B+
  • Arizona Cardinals: B
  • Buffalo Bills: B
  • Houston Texans: B
  • Miami Dolphins: B
  • Philadelphia Eagles: B
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: B
  • St. Louis Rams: B
  • Baltimore Ravens: B-
  • Chicago Bears: B-
  • Cincinnati Bengals: B-
  • New England Patriots: B-
  • San Diego Chargers: B-
  • Tennessee Titans: B-
  • Cleveland Browns: C+
  • Kansas City Chiefs: C+
  • New York Giants C+
  • Denver Broncos: C
  • Atlanta Falcons: C-
  • Detroit Lions: C-
  • Indianapolis Colts: C-
  • Oakland Raiders: C-
  • San Francisco 49ers: D+
  • Carolina Panthers: D
  • New Orleans Saints: D
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneeers: D
These grades are really what the “experts” believe each team to be at with their current roster, as well as with their new Draft players. Compare what other NFL experts have to say about each team and grade, but the majority are close to each other in terms of grade. This can help you start looking at which teams will kick-off with a winning or losing season; after the pre-season as that doesn’t really count. Take this with a grain of salt, since a lot of teams change the way they play after the first few games and may end up surprising you and completely ignoring whatever grade they got before. For those that want to check out the grades, as well as the experts opinions can check it out at the ESPN website.

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