Huge Opportunity For Yahoo As It Is First To Broadcast Free Live Stream Of NFL Game


Jun 2015

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Yahoo Broadcast NFL Game

In an unprecedented move, the NFL has agreed to allow Yahoo, the popular search engine, to broadcast one game, live and free through their website. This is huge news, even though it is only one game, it will possibly open the doors to many other legal sites being able to get the rights to stream the NFL season games live and free.

This may not be good news for the cable companies, as they have used football as a great way to sell their packages, but if people can access and watch the games live from their computer it may render them obsolete. This is not only beneficial for US residents, but for everyone around the world. This would allow them to watch the games without restrictions.

The game that Yahoo will be streaming is the Buffalo Bills versus Jacksonville Jaguars game on Oct. 25 in London. Marissa Mayer, president and CEO of Yahoo, has stated that it was amazing for the NFL to grant them such a privilege to be at the forefront of this potentially huge opportunity.

Yahoo isn’t the only one benefiting from this agreement, as they will also give the NFL access to their over 1 billion monthly users, where most are outside the United States. It seems the NFL is doing a good job of adapting, as they are quickly becoming like Netflix, rather than Blockbuster.

Check out the press release of this news here, and don’t forget to go to on October 25 at 9:30 a.m est.

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