Judge Questions NFL On Handling Of Deflategate


Aug 2015

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NFL Delfategate

With the pre-season underway, the question on everyone’s minds is whether Tom Brady will be suspended or not due to his supposed involvement in Deflategate. However, it seems the Judge in charge of this case posed serious questions of how the NFL handled the situation.

During Wednesday’s hearing, the U.S. District Court Judge Richard Berman stated that both sides had good arguments, and that a settlement could be reached. However, if this does not happen, he will deliver his final ruling on September 4, a week before the Patriots first game of the regular season.

The questions that Berman posed to the League representatives gave clues to what side the Judge may be leaning to; possibly overturning or lowering Brady’s suspension. He asked lawyer Dan Nash why the penalty for the delfation of balls had the same penalty to players using performance enhancing drugs.

Nash replied that both give a competitive advantage to a player or team, and would compromise the integrity of the game. Berman did not seem to have the same view, considering that the punishment may not fit the crime. He went on to pose more questions to the League’s lawyers, each with seemingly unsatisfactory responses.

During the enitre court hearing it would seem that Judge Berman was not very happy with how the NFL handled the situation, from beginning to end. Hopefully this will get resolved quickly, as it would not be fair for football fans nor Brady, who has been a top quarterback for years.

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