Minnesota Vikings To Pursue Trade For Percy Harvin


Feb 2013

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After a two-win season and a bleak future with an injured Adrian Peterson and a quarterback that might not cut it on the NFL level in Christian Ponder, there seemed to be little hope for a drastic turnaround with the Minnesota Vikings heading into the 2012 NFL season. Not only was there little hope amongst the players and Peterson potentially never the same player against after surgery to repair his knee from a torn ACL, but the Vikings also had to deal with an unhappy rising star in the form of wide receiver Percy Harvin. Although Harvin has been an incredible talent ever since the team drafted him out of Florida, the former running back turned wide receiver hasn’t been able to keep his frustrations all bottled up inside. Harvin demanded a trade from the Vikings due to a contract dispute with the former Florida standout claiming that he was extremely underpaid for his production on the field; and he was right. Minnesota refused to pay Harvin until his rookie contract expired and that stance may ultimately cost them their best wide receiver since Randy Moss in his prime. Although Harvin isn’t a traditional receiver, the Pro Bowler has only improved from season to season and is underpaid in comparison to some of the league’s elite and even mediocre players at the position around the NFL. Fortunately, despite the dispute and Harvin clearly unhappy about his situation, the Vikings were able to head into the 2012 campaign with the wideout in the fold. Even though most believed Harvin would be a problem and unproductive, the complete opposite happened with a breakout year for the young wide receiver before going down with a foot injury with seven games remaining. Harvin felt as if he shouldn’t have been put on the team’s injured reserve as a result of the foot injury that was taking longer than expected to heal. The Vikings didn’t want to take the risk of further injury to one of their best players, but Harvin was adamant about playing and got into a heated argument with head coach Leslie Frazier as a result. Now it appears that the team might be ready to grant his request for a trade with the two sides no longer seeing eye-to-eye moving forward.

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