NFL Betting Rules Make Legal Gambling Outlawed


Jun 2015

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NFL anti-gambling rules

It seems sports betting is no longer the NFL’s main concern, as they have actively tried to lock any form of, legal or otherwise, gambling out from their entire league, which extends to players. It would seem that even legal forms of gambling, like playing at a celebrity poker tournament is not being permitted and has many wondering why the rules are so strict if it has nothing to do with football.

The NFL is still very much against legalizing sports betting, even though the NBA and MLB commissioners think the opposite. With their anti-gambling rules, they have made it quite clear that no player is allowed to participate in any form of gambling, as it would be punishable. One incident involved Tony Romo, where they forced him to cancel a fantasy football event he had set up with his fans, only because it took place in Las Vegas and was attached to a casino.

The most recent incident involves three players from the Miami Dolphins, A.J. Francis, Jason Fox and Jordan Cameron, were told that they could not attend a celebrity poker tournament based on the fact that it was a sponsored event. Their reasoning is that it would violate the NFL rules against promoting casino activities.

It all seems quite ludicrous, as there are so many professional athletes in other sports that not only promote, but also play in these legal gambling activities, like the most recent Cristiano Ronaldo, a famous soccer player, joined the PokerStars team; not only is he playing, but he is promoting. This in no way has affected the sport, the league he plays in, nor his reputation.

This begs the question as to how much can the NFL rule over a players life, and whether these overly strict rules are not outdated.

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