NFL Coaches Should Sit Star Players During Preseason


Aug 2015

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NFL Preseason Injuries

We all know that when you play a competitive sport like football injuries are going to be common; however, a lot of NFL fans are wondering if the coaches should bench the star players during the preseason. The preseason is mostly pointless and meaningless, as the points scored or games won do not count towards anything; they are simply warm up games before the regular season starts. It is during this time that when and if a player gets injured, it could truly affect the team for the rest of the season, and their efforts and performance did not even do anything to help the team before getting knocked out.

We have always heard the argument of lowering the amount of preseason games, or even removing it completely, but since we all know that the League is not going to do that, we are left to think of other solutions to this injury problem. A lot of fans, and even several coaches, are voicing their opinions of simply taking out the star players during the preseason. This would, at least, keep them out of harm’s way until the regular season starts, and their efforts will be required if the team wants to win.

One great example of this would be the backlash the Washington Redskins are receiving for the obvious mishandling of Robert Griffin III. He was placed into the game against the Detroit Lions, where he was repeatedly hit by defenders. These are not light taps either, as you can see from the short video of one such hits.

With Griffins constant injury problems, many wonder why they would put him in and keep him in a game where they are constantly and brutally knocking him around. Due to the amount of hits, he was finally removed from the game due to a concussion. With the lingering problems surrounding the issue of concussions, it is likely that Griffin won’t be playing in next week game against the Baltimore Ravens; or at least we hope they take better care of him.

So, NFL coaches should definitely see whether or not it is worth it to place one of their key players in harm’s way before the regular season and points start to matter.

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