NFL Confident In New Football Inspection Protocols


Aug 2015

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NFL Football inspections
We all know and follow what has happened with Deflategate, and it appears that the NFL is serious about their new football inspection protocols, so much so that the VP of Officiating, Dean Blandino is confident they will work. There are three major rules concerning this issue:
  • Check the PSI of the balls at Half-Time during randomly selected games.
  • The kicking ball coordinator will now have control over all balls after officials have tested them.
  • Constant monitoring of the balls before, during, and after each game.
As you can imagine, it could get quite hectic for the officials as they prepare to test each ball before games to make sure they are inflated enough. The balls that are below or exceed the PSI count will be altered by the officials to meet standards, but will be kept out of the current game being played. They will have 12 numbered balls to use during each game. There are several factors that have fans worried, like natural weather conditions that could affect the air pressure inside a ball. However, these would be very minor issues, as the NFL already has experience with natural forms of deflation, and these new rules will keep the human factor in check.

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