NFL Deal To Take Football Games To Tottenham Hotspur In London


Jul 2015

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NFL London Deal

Apparently the NFL has been looking toward more international borders as they try to expand to other countries, and they have gotten a great deal in London. The League came to an agreement with Tottenham Hotspur, over a 10-year deal where games will take place in the English Premier League team’s new stadium in London.

The 10-year partnership will give them the right to play a minimum of two game per year, making that a total minimum of 20 games to be played in London. The stadium, which is still under construction but is set to be finished by 2018, will be the center of attention.

Many have speculated that the both types of football will destroy the field, and the upkeep will be hard. However, in the agreement, the NFL will use their own playing surface, most likely artificial grass. The stadium will have all of the latest in technology, making it the perfect venue for the games.

This deal will more than likely continue to open the doors for the NFL, as they try to gain more of a fan base around the globe. They already host one game each year in London, which is now going to also revolutionize the online world, as Yahoo will be streaming the game live. We may see a much bigger and more international draft in years to come.

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