NFL Draft About To Start, Running Back Class Full Of Talent


Apr 2015

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NFL running backs

The time for college football players wanting to get their chance at fame and fortune in the NFL is almost here, with the 2015 Draft starting on April 30th and goes until May 2nd. With that in mind, there is a certain class of players that have stood out more than usual this year, the running backs.

NFL scouts have already given their opinion that there haven’t been this many amazing running backs in at least a decade. So, for those teams that are in desperate need of a good RB will certainly have their pick. Regardless of which player they sign, ultimately, a lot of the running backs are in top shape.

Some of the running backs that have been given their seal of approval, as well as in order that they were ranked by these scouts are:

  1. Melvin Gordon, Wisconsin
  2. Todd Gurley, Georgia
  3. Jay Ajayi, Boise State
  4. Ameer Abdullah, Nebraska
  5. T.J. Yeldon, Alabama
  6. Duke Johnson, Miami
  7. Tevin Coleman, Indiana
  8. Javorious “Buck” Allen, So. Cal.
  9. Jeremy Langford, Michigan State
  10. Mike Davis, South Carolina

All of them are top picks for any team with a weak running offense, and everyone can expect to see them get taken by top NFL teams this year. You can check up on the details of each of these players, as well as the scouts rankings and draft predictions here.

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