NFL Now Made Simpler, Integrated With Mobile App


Sep 2015

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NFL Now service

The NFL has made things much simpler for their fans, as they have integrated their basic services from “NFL Now”, a personalized online video network, with their official Mobile app and other digital properties. The Plus premium package that offers more, like instant in-game highlights and access to archived material, will be merged into Game Pass, the single digital-subscription plan for U.S. fans; which is now priced at $100 per year.

This is a great step forward, as being simple is much better, and the League agrees. “It’s a simplification for our fans,” said David Jurenka, the NFL’s VP of digital media operations. “We looked across every single app in our portfolio and found we were due for simplification.” This was done with the end-goal being to consolidate content for easier access, and not because it had failed to bring in new users.

The mobile app has already been adapted to make navigation much better, as wlel as including different game day and non-game day views. On game days, fans can see a matchups and scoreboard page, with real-time score updates, highlights, and even live video from the games.

Taking a page from the NFL’s handbook, Verizon Wireless has decided to eliminate the $5 additional monthly charge for all customers. This was done as they had the exclusive streaming rights to the games on mobile phones, and with the merger of NFL Now and their app, they have decided to switch strategies. They are encouraging their customers to use their data plans to view the videos on the go.

NFL Mobile app

With these processes now being streamlined into one place, rather than having multiple apps, the NFL also hopes to integrate their new development in using RFID tags to track the players and get precise position, speed, and distance stats. This will all be available on their website, their mobile applications, as well as their Fantasy Football app.

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