NFL Team Houston Texans Selected For HBO Show “Hard Knocks”


May 2015

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With the upcoming season of the HBO show “Hard Knocks”, the NFL reality TV series, has selected the Houston Texans to be their next victims to be featured on the program. This is not a cause for celebration, as none of the teams in the league ever wanted to be part of that particular show.

The Texans were among another two teams in the running, competing against the Buffalo Bills and Washington Redskins to not appear on the show. There is certain criteria that can exempt a team from ever appearing on the program, including:

  • Hired a new Head Coach
  • Had a playoff appearance in last two years
  • Been on the show at any time in the past 10 years

Seeing as how the Texans do not fit into any of those categories made it into the perfect team to pick. In addition, they also have a few popular players that any fan would want to see including, J.J. Watt, Arian Foster, and even head coach Bill O’Brien. You can see the latest trailer for the show, and other details here.

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