NFL’s Most Hated 2015 Edition


Jul 2015

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NFL hated people

It seems that we always have our NFL favorite team’s, players, and even coaches, but just the same, we have those that we do not like at all. The highly competitive sport always fuels hate from fans to the players themselves, and we have the latest list.

  • Most hated team: New England Patriots. We all know why.
  • Most hated head coach: Bill Belichick. Tons of tricks and debacles.
  • Most hated owner: Dan Snyder. Owner of Washington, not willing to change name.
  • Most hated player in locker room: Percy Harvin. Clashes with teammates.
  • Most hated player by fans: Johnny Manziel. His attitude leaves a lot to desire.
  • Most hated fan base: Eagles. They can’t Boo themselves into the playoffs.
  • Most hated rule: The Calvin Johnson Rule. No more close call touchdowns.
  • Most hated uniform: Brocnos Stripped Socks. Ridiculous looking.
  • Most hated mascot: Dallas Cowboys Rowdy. He brings the worst luck.

Most will agree with this list, but there are obvious reasons as to why we would pick others. It seems the Patriots get picked on a lot, yet they still seem to be the best team in the NFL right now, even if they were part of Deflategate. We usually hate the opposing team that has always given us grief, on and off the field.

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