Patriots and Tom Brady Punished Over Deflated Balls


May 2015

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NFL Deflategate
The NFL has decided to suspend New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady for a total of 4 games. The team itself also faces some consequences after they were caught tampering and using deflated balls during the Playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts; which they won and ultimately led them to the Super Bowl victory. The team was fined a total of $1 million, which seems low, as well as having their first round pick during the 2016 Draft, and fourth round pick during the 2017 Draft taken away. I believe losing the pick hurt them a lot more than the fine. Of course, Bradys lawyers are ready to appeal the NFL’s decision to suspend him, but this may not go their way. The Deflategate scandal may go on for a while. This is not the first time we hear the Patriots name come up when a scandal takes place. Remember in 2007 when they were caught filming the NEw York Jets play-call signs. If the League, the commissioner, and every team wants to be taken seriously, they need harsher penalties for these kinds of game-altering actions. We will never know if the deflated balls gave the Patriots a big advantage over the Colts, or even if the Colts would have won in the end, but it doesn’t get any dirtier than this. If you want to read the 243-page report on the matter, you can get the in-depth details.

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