Philadelphia Eagles Sign Michael Vick To One-Year Deal


Feb 2013

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After much speculation about the future of the storied NFL franchise, the Philadelphia Eagles are starting to come together only weeks into the NFL off-season. Following the firing of head coach Andy Reid after a 14-year marriage, the Eagles hired arguably the most sought after coach on the open market in Chip Kelly formerly of the Oregon Ducks. Kelly’s hiring was considered a huge step in the right direction with a dynamic offense that will be implemented that may drastically change the outcome of the years to come. Along with Kelly signing on to be Reid’s successor, Philadelphia has also made a decision on the fate of veteran quarterback Michael Vick. Despite the consensus being that Vick would be release and officially made a free agent able to sign elsewhere, the team has decided to retain the four-time Pro Bowler for at least one more season. Vick’s enormous contract worth $100 million has been voided and the new deal the quarterback has inked with the Eagles is worth $10 million. Not a bad offer for a quarterback that many believed to be done in Philadelphia and potentially injury prone for the rest of his career. During the 2012 season, Vick was benched in favor of rookie quarterback Nick Foles. The benching came after Vick returned from a concussion sustained earlier in the season. Foles didn’t play well enough to change the fortunes for the struggling Eagles with the team finishing with only four wins on the year. As for Vick, his future was left in limbo with most believing he’d become a free agent. Vick was thought to be headed to one of the worst teams in the league as a starter or would end up becoming a backup for the rest of his career with one of the league’s elite. Fortunately for Vick, neither situation has happened and the veteran will have one more shot at leading the Eagles into the playoffs if he can beat out Foles heading into next season.

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