Quarterbacks That May Not Have A Future With NFL


Jun 2015

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We always see the list of the best quarterbacks or the highest paid quarterbacks, but we never really talk about those QB’s that don’t seem to have a long future in the NFL. We have eight different quarterbacks that have been unable to get out of a rut, perform better, or simply don’t have what it takes to remain in such a competitive environment.

These eight quarterbacks are trouble if they don’t perform well during this 2015 season:

  • Jay Cutler (Bears): has been unable to get his rating above a 90, even with the constant help from coaches and offensive coordinators.
  • Andy Dalton (Bengals): keeps losing the first game when they reach the post season games, and fans, teammates, coaches, and owners demand better performance.
  • Robert Griffin (Redskins): with no guaranteed contract, he will have to prove he deserves to stay on the team, let alone the league.
  • Peyton Manning (Broncos): surprising as it is, Manning is old according to NFL standards, and his performance reflects his lowering performing stats.
  • Colin Kaepernick (49ers): his rating and yards per attempt have declined, and his INT-to-TD ratio has gotten a lot worse.
  • Sam Bradford (Eagles): with his many injuries and getting moved to a quicker paced offense may be a double edged sword for him, let’s see which side he falls on first.
  • Carson Palmer (Cardinals): before 2014, Palmer wasn’t rated as a top QB, and with his season-ending injury and pending recovery, we will see how this 35 year old QB manages.
  • Ryan Tannehill (Dolphins): his performance in getting the Dolphins to the playoffs may determine his future as starting quarterback, especially if coach Joe Philbin is let go.

These quarterbacks, at one time or another, had promising careers, even being named MVP, getting their team’s to the playoffs and even win a Super Bowl, but time is not on their side. With just getting older and slower will severely hurt a QB, as he is the key playmaker of any team, so they need them to be in top shape. Let’s hope they manage to do well for this upcoming season, or we may be seeing more than a few retirement press releases by 2016.

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