Ranking The Starting NFL Quarterbacks


Oct 2015

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NFL Starting quarterbacks ranked
Every offense in the NFL depends on having a great quarterback leading them into what is supposed to be victory, which is why we are ranking the 32 starting quarterbacks in the League. Fans will agree or disagree, but based on current performances, this is where we are placing each.
Rank Quarterback Team
1 Tom Brady Patriots
2 Aaron Rodgers Packers
3 Ben Roethlisberger Steelers
4 Matt Ryan Falcons
5 Carson Palmer Cardinals
6 Philip Rivers Chargers
7 Andrew Luck Colts
8 Cam Newton Panthers
9 Russell Wilson Seahawks
10 Joe Flacco Ravens
11 Peyton Manning Broncos
12 Eli Manning Giants
13 Matthew Stafford Lions
14 Andy Dalton Bengals
15 Marcus Mariota Titans
16 Ryan Tannehill Dolphins
17 Teddy Bridgewater Vikings
18 Derek Carr Raiders
19 Alex Smith Chiefs
20 Colin Kaepernick 49ers
21 Tyrod Taylor Bills
22 Nick Foles Rams
23 Drew Brees Saints
24 Black Bortles Jaguars
25 Sam Bradford Eagles
26 Jameis Winston Buccaneers
27 Ryan Fitzpatrick Jets
28 Kirk Cousins Redskins
29 Ryan Mallett Texans
30 Brandon Weeden Cowboys
31 Josh McCown Browns
32 Jimmy Clausen Bears
The Top 3 quarterbacks shouldn’t surprise anyone, as Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Ben Roethlisberger have proven themselves to be amazing on the field, and despite the Pittsburgh Steelers first week loss, they are proving to be top competitors. Sadly, Roethlisberger will be out with a knee injury, but it doesn’t seem to be very serious; we will see Michael Vick at the helm during Week 4. Quarterbacks ranking 4 through 12 are those players that are having great games so far this season, or putting up impressive stats, but need a little bit more to reach the top tier. The middle group, 13-26, are struggling to get their offense working with them. We have a few second year players with Teddy Bridgewater and Blake Bortles, and even the rookie QB Jameis Winston doing his best for the Bucs. Once they get enough experience, we will definitely see them higher up in the rankings. The rest of the quarterbacks simply have not shown enough improvement or even good performances on the field so far this season. However, there could be hope for them yet, like the ray of hope that Brandon Weeden gave the Cowboys by showing off some nice pocket movement. This is how the NFL starting quarterbacks are ranked, but with each week’s performance being put under review, it will most likely change.

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