Safety Concerns See The Future Of The NFL Without Helmets


Jun 2015

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NFL safety concerns

The one thing that has plagued the NFL for decades have been the serious health and safety issues that go along with such a competitive and physical sport. As the League continues to try and create rules, better equipment, and simply training the players in different ways, there are also other ideas that could change the way football is played.

Dr. John York, the chairman of the NFL’s health and safety advisory committee, truly thinks that helmets will no longer be used in the future. Concussions occur when the players use their helmets as weapons, rather than a safety guard, and collide with other players helmets. By removing the helmets all together will avoid this predicament.

On the other side of this argument is that that speed and force behind a tackle or even an accidental collision would cause much great damage, like skull fractures that could lead to death. This is why, even though helmets may cause concussions, they are still necessary to avoid death.

Many say that rugby players use leather helmets or none at all, and they do not have the same health issues the NFL does. However, these people fail to see that rugby, although extremely physical, does not use the same fundamentals, rules, and even game play. This is why they are looking to other solutions.

Some proposed solutions would include minimizing opportunities for head involvement, switching to the two-point stance, ban all helmet-to-helmet hits, and keep helmets to protect from accidental collisions. In the heat of the moment, players don’t always think of the rules, but overall, this should help.

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