St. Louis Rams Fans Voice Opinions With NFL Officials


Oct 2015

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Rams fans argue against relocation with NFL officials
With the stadium project moving forward in Los Angeles, one of three NFL teams could face the possibility of relocating. Just recently, league officials went and held a meeting in the Peabody Opera House in downtown St. Louis on Tuesday, where they would discuss the possible relocation of the St. Louis Rams. This is their first stop, as they plan on visiting San Diego and Oakland to do the same thing. There was a good turnout of fans, as four officials conducted the meeting. The four in question were: Eric Grubman, the NFL’s executive vice president, Chris Hardart, vice president of corporate development; Cynthia Hogan, senior vice president of public policy, and league attorney Jay Bauman. They were faced with many questions and concerns from the fans, as most of them were polite and maintained order throughout, but you could see where their loyalties were. They applauded and cheered Dave Peacock, who leads the city’s stadium task force, and booing everytime the Rams owner, Stan Kroenke, was mentioned. The meeting went on for three hours, as each fan was heard, but most of the time not answered. One fan commented,
“If Mr. Kroenke inks a 30-year lease, I guarantee you all of this will go away. Just sign the lease and join the St. Louis family.”
The problem is that the Rams are backing the proposed stadium to be built in Inglewood, and with that, plan to return to Los Angeles by 2016. Many fans left angry and/or sad, as they knew this was just a formality, as the higher ups would decide regardless of the people’s opinion. There was one sentiment that could be felt all around the room, and that is if the Rams do end up relocating to L.A., the NFL will certainly lose a lot of fans in that city. The contingency plan, if the franchise does decide to stay, is to build a new stadium that will house them for, hopefully, another 30 years.

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