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Sep 2015

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NFL Steelers two point conversions
The Pittsburgh Steelers may be the smarter teams in the NFL, as they have been taking advantage of the better odds of getting a two-point conversion. With the recent rule change for the extra point kick being moved from the 15-yard line to the 33-yard line, it now seems that it is worth it to go for the two points rather than just one. With the decrease in accuracy for the kickers at that range, it should come as no surprise that the Steelers are using this to their advantage. Having only played two games so far this season, the Steelers are currently 3 for 3 on two-point attempts. It doesn’t look like QB Ben Roethlisberger or Head Coach Mike Tomlin will be changing their strategy any time soon. The main reason why is that they are confident in their skills, not just because they are talented, but because they practice these plays every day.
“Oh, we’re going to keep doing it,” Roethlisberger said, via ESPN. “We don’t practice it this much to not do it. We practice it every single day. … I tried to tell you guys early on that we would do it, and I think you guys kind of didn’t quite believe it. But it’s something we feel comfortable with.”
Most NFL teams try to stay away from the two-point conversion, as it has always seemed like an unnecessary risk, especially when the extra-point kick was so easy to get. In 2014, teams converted it 47.5% of the time, which are not good odds, when extra-points converted 99% of the time that same year. However, times and rules have changed to make it much more competitive, and we believe that teams that stick with the norm may get left behind. So, in upcoming games, we may see more NFL teams try for the two points more often than in previous seasons. Kickers will have a harder time now, but hopefully they have enough faith in their offense to get those two extra points.

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