Super Bowl Betting Time


Jan 2016

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Super Bowl Betting Time It is that time of the year when the two best teams play each other at Super Bowl 50, and it is looking like it will be a huge day for betting. This single day each year, it brings in millions of dollars, like two years ago it brought in $119 million through the Las Vegas casinos. This amount doesn’t take into account what was bet through online sites and in different countries, so you can imagine it is much higher. This year, the Carolina Panthers will face the Denver Broncos, which will give Peyton Manning another shot at the title against a big running team; they previously played the Seattle Seahawks and lost. This could be their redeeming year, but with the Panthers performance during the NFC Championship, it looks like it will be a very tough game for the Broncos. However, it was their incredible defense that was able to get two interceptions from the great Tom Brady. Just looking at the match-up you can tell it will be a great game:
Panthers Stats Broncos
366.9 (11th) Offensive Yards 355.5 (16th)
224.3 (24th) Pass Yards 248.1 (14th)
142.6 (2nd) Rush Yards 107.4 (17th)
322.9 (6th) Yards Allowed 283.1 (1st)
234.5 (11th) Pass Yards Allowed 199.6 (1st)
88.4 (4th) Rush Yards Allowed 83.6 (3rd)
8/2 Sacks/Sacks Allowed 7/4
3/3 Field Goals 7/7
10 Touchdowns 3
36:08 Time of Possession 30:40
+8 Turnover Ratio +2
The Bronco defense is looking amazing, as most fans didn’t think that they would be able to beat the favorites, New England Patriots. It was a close match, but they were still able to hold one of the best offense in the league to only two touchdowns. On top of that, they shut down their running game almost completely, seeing as how Brady had the most rush yards that game with 13 yards. If they are able to stop the Panther running, they may have a shot at the title. Broncos are underdogs with +5-point spread. On the other hand, the Panthers defense is no laughing matter either, as they are right behind the Broncos in terms of rush yards allowed, but their one weak spot may prove to be dangerous. They are good, but not amazing when it comes to stopping the pass, which will be crucial if they want to stop Manning, and his go-to guys, C.J. Anderson and Emmanuel Sanders. This will be a very big match, with two very good teams, so it will be more than worth betting on.

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