Ten Injuries With Greater Impact On NFL Teams


Sep 2015

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Big NFL Injuries

With the 2015 NFL season just getting started, it is always bad when football players get injured early on, as it will not only affect their team, but also their own performance and career. These injuries will always hurt the team’s performance, but how much, depends on the impact that player had to begin with. At the start of the season, most players are healthy, so first team roster will usually be the ones getting injured. It will come down to whether their replacements are good enough or if they can even be replaced.

Here are the top ten injuries that will affect their respective teams greatly, along with the reason why:

  1. Tony Romo, Quarterback , Dallas Cowboys.

    Injury: Fractured left clavicle.
    Effect: Brandon Weeden replaces, but is worst qualifying QB.

  2. Ryan Clady, Left Tackle , Denver Broncos.

    Injury: Torn Left ACL.
    Effect: No real replacement, with Manning getting sacked 7.6% of dropbacks, and RB’s no room to run.

  3. Jason Pierre-Paul, Defensive End, New York Giants.

    Injury: Amputated right index finger.
    Effect: Pass rush has been weak without their star player.

  4. Arian Foster, Running Back, New York Giants.

    Injury: Torn Groin Muscle.
    Effect: Should be a running team, but don’t have the talent to do so.

  5. DeAndre Levy, Linebacker, Detroit Lions.

    Injury: Strained Hip.
    Effect: Pass defense has been full of holes in his absence, allowing opposing QB’s to complete 81.7% of passes.

  6. Terrel Suggs, Linebacker, Baltimore Ravens.

    Injury: Torn Left Achilles Tendon.
    Effect: Suggs has produced double-digit sacks in each of the past four full seasons he has played, and the ripple effect of his loss is substantial.

  7. Dez Bryant, Wide Receiver, Dallas Cowboys.

    Injury: Fractured Right Foot.
    Effect: His injury may affect Cowboys more than Romo, making it hard for Weeden to find a good target to throw the ball to.

  8. John Sullivan, Center, Minnesota Vikings.

    Injury: Lower Back Surgery.
    Effect: Pass protection and run blocking are very weak.

  9. Jordy Nelson, Wide Receiver, Green Bay Packers.

    Injury: Torn Right ACL.
    Effect: Without Nelson, passing depth has changed, with closer passing than before, averaging 6.43 yards in the air.

  10. Shaun Suisham, Place-Kicker, Pittsburgh Steelers.

    Injury: Torn Left ACL.
    Effect: Tied for sixth best conversion rate (90.6) last season, and is trusted by Steelers to kick in any situation; where other kickers have failed to get such a high conversion rate under same conditions.

All ten of these players will have a big effect on their team’s performance, and for some, their missing players have already left big holes in the offense or defense that cannot be filled by just anyone. You truly know that a player was key to their victory when they are taken off, and a lot of NFL teams are feeling this pressure.

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