Ten Spots Left In NFL Top100 Players Of 2015


Jul 2015

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Top NFL Players

It was revealed on Wednesday by the NFL, the Top players being ranked 11 through 20. The Top100 player ranking is actually voted on by other football players, as they decide which of their teammates or competitors have done an amazing job during the past season. This latest round showed fans that it really does get close to reality on who they are voting for.

The Top 11-20 players that were just voted on are:

Rank Player POS Team
#11 Richard Sherman CB Seahawks
#12 Jamaal Charles RB Chiefs
#13 Julio Jones WR Falcons
#14 Luke Kuechly MLB Panthers
#15 Dez Bryant WR Cowboys
#16 Le’Veon Bell RB Steelers
#17 Darrelle Revis DB Jets
#18 Jordy Nelson WR Packers
#19 Patrick Peterson CB Cardinals
#20 Demarylus Thomas WR Broncos

There are still 10 spots open, where the NFL players will vote on these elite players next Wednesday, July 8, and we will finally have the completed Top100 list. So far, there hasn’t been any disappointing selections, so props to the players voting, as they truly do understand the sport and who has worked and performed the best. You can look at the videos of the selections here.

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