Tom Brady’s NFL Suspension Overruled, Can Play


Sep 2015

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Tom Brady wins NFL suspension appeal

Patriot’s fans rejoice, as Tom Brady has just won his appeal against the NFL suspension that would have had him sitting on the bench for the first four games of the season. The US District Judge Richard Berman, in charge of the case, overturned the 4-game suspension over Brady’s supposed involvement in Defltagate and the plot to use deflated balls during the Super Bowl last season.

Judge Berman was not happy by any account with how Commissioner Roger Goodell handled this situation, stating Goodell has dished out “his own brand of industrial justice.” Even though Brady can now start preparing for the Patriots first game against the Steelers on September 10, the League has vowed to appeal this decision.

Whether or not star quarterback Tom Brady was involved with the incident, it was handled poorly, as the court found that Mr. Goodell’s ruling was plagued by “several significant legal deficiencies”. Basically, the NFL did not do things properly in the eyes of the law and that is what eventually led to them losing this battle.

One point that has stuck with many football fans is the fact that Brady was disciplined with the equivalent of what a player would receive who used performance enhancing drugs. It all began when Brady had an assistant destroy a mobile phone on the day he was going to be interviewed about the scandal, and it snow balled from there.

Despite the many accusations by Goodell, including “participated in a scheme to tamper with game balls”, but also “wilfully obstructed the investigation”, as well as mentioning in his decision that Brady “engaged in conduct detrimental to the integrity of, and public confidence in, the game of professional football.” This was deemed to be a lot of talk and not enough evidence to back it up by the Judge. The Patriots already admitted their fault and have taken the punishment for it, so it does look like a vendetta to go after their quarterback who has always denied any wrongdoing and their lack of evidence against him. Let’s let the 2015 season start without any more antics and leave Deflategate in the past.

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