Updated NFL Power Rankings; Used as a Betting Tool


Sep 2014

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Power Ranking Betting

The NFL regular season is underway, meaning the different sports fans are using their predictions for NFL betting. Some bettors use the Power Rankings as a tool to bet with; which are updated each week after the matches. These rankings are the perceived levels of performance of each NFL team in regards to each other.

In other words, these power rankings take into account the team’s performance, week by week, and based off of various factors like win/loss record, and team and player stats, determine where they are placed on the list. This is a great tool for anyone betting on the NFL to use to their advantage, as it is a basic guide of which teams are improving or getting worse.

You can tell if the teams are performing better or worse by seeing how many positions they gain or lose; which are marked by the Plus and Minus signs. For the power rankings to be used properly when betting, it is imperative that they are used with other handicapping strategies; these stats alone will only provide a broad prediction.

Take a look at the latest power rankings (after the 2nd week of the regular season):

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