Week 9 In-Conference Betting Matchups Could Have Playoff Implications


Nov 2015

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Week 9 Betting Matchups
This week’s football games will be the point of no return, or a possible comeback for some of the teams, as we look at the in-conference betting matchups that could have playoff implications further along in the season. There are certain professional teams that are right on the edge between being able to win enough games to end the season and possibly go to the playoffs. This means that teams in the same conference will be competing for that first or second spot and their ticket in. Two games specifically are attracting the fans and experts attention:
  • Oakland Raiders (4-3) at Pittsburgh Steelers (4-4)
  • Miami Dolphins (3-4) at Buffalo Bills (3-4)
With the Dolphins and Bills fighting for third place in the AFC East, and possibly a Wild Card spot, this game will certainly help them advance. However, once the team wins, they will have to do all that they can to stay ahead or could end up dropping back down. Both the Steelers and Raiders are second in their Division, but adding another loss to their record will give the other teams to take advantage and possibly overtake them. Most sportsbooks have made the Raiders and Dolphins to be the underdogs in these matches, so they may have to perform even better, especially if the Steelers have QB Ben Roethlisberger back and healthy. The odds for the underdogs are:
Game Bovada BetOnline Caesars Palace Westgate
Raiders @ Steelers +4.5 +4 +4.5 +4.5
Dolphins @ Bills +3 +3 +3 +3
It seems that most online sportsbooks, as well as Las Vegas casinos agree on who the underdog is, but it seems they are being quite cautious when it comes to determining the point spread. With each of the NFL teams in the two games having opposing strategies and strengths, we may see some close scores. These betting matchups may show you who most think are the underdogs, but with a little handicapping you may determine that they do have a chance to win, and possibly earn a spot in the playoffs down the road.

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