Wild Card Playoffs Betting Predictions


Jan 2016

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wild card weekend betting As we head into the Wild Card weekend games, there is more than one betting prediction that can be made for each match-up. The games could be close or total blow-out, but what we do know is that they will keep fans on their toes until that last second during the 4th quarter. With the New England Patriots, Arizona Cardinals, Carolina Panthers, and Denver Broncos on their bye, we will see exactly which four teams will move on to face these giants.

Chiefs @ Texans

This game can go either way, which is why it will be such a great match-up. The Chiefs have won 10 consecutive games, and the Texans have gone 7-2 in their last 9 games. So, whatever you thought you knew about them at the start of the season has completely changed. With the return of J.J. Watt, the Texans defense has been destroying their opponents, not allowing a touchdown in five of those nine games. Turnovers could be how the Chiefs win, but the Texans defense will more than likely be there to stop any advances. Pick: Houston Texans (+3½)

Steelers @ Bengals

Squeaking into the playoffs, the Steelers will certainly have to play like they have been in their last few games if they want to beat the Bengals. Despite being the favorites, the Steelers are being bet against, for winning SU and ATS, but this will be another close game. With most of their players back and healthy, the Steelers do stand a chance. Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers (-3)

Seahawks @ Vikings

It could go two different ways, a close score with the Seahawks winning, or a blow-out with the Seahawks winning. The Vikings have had a good season so far, but their offense is just not doing its best, being ranked 31st in the league for passing. It won’t be enough to get around the Seahawks defense, which has only allowed 444 passing yards in the past three games. The Vikings will hold its own on defense, but when it comes to offense, the Seahawks have them outmatched. Pick: Seattle Seahawks (-6)

Packers @ Redskins

If you wanted to bet on a close game this would be it, but it probably won’t be as exciting as you would hope for. With two of the worst teams that made it to the playoffs, the Packers and Redskins will need to step it up when either one moves on to the next round. With a horrible defense and going up against the healthy Packer QB, Aaron Rodgers, is doesn’t look good for the Redskins. Pick: Green Bay Packers (-1)

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