Winning NFL Pre-Season Games Doesn’t Guarantee Future


Aug 2015

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NFL Preseason games
As fans we all know that the pre-season games are really just warm up and exihibitions of what some teams are hoping to achieve during the NFL regular season; however, winning the games during pre-season does not guarantee good performance in the future. There are many instances where we have seen teams play and win games in the pre-season, only to go on and lose during the regular season. There are many potential reasons for why this happens, and it could affect your favorite football team:
  • No one wants to get injured.
  • Coaches reluctant to play their best players.
  • Coaches don’t want to show off their offensive or defensive strategies.
The main reason is because any points or wins or great performances during the pre-season do not count; everything is erased and all teams start from zero once the regular season starts. Now, for those fans that see their team winning, don’t get your hopes up. According to the New York Times, “In the last 10 years, 18 teams have been unbeaten and untied in preseason play. Those teams went on to post a combined regular-season record of only 130-158.” There have been only a few instances where teams were good at both times. So, if a team performed poorly during the 2014 season, and start to do very well during the pre-season, don’t confuse that fact with amazing growth and improvement. Teams do improve, get new players, but it would take drastic changes for a NFL team to get out of their slump; it usually happens slowly and progressively.

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