Free Picks versus Premium Picks – NFL Football

Free NFL Picks There are countless people, who analyze and predict the NFL games, and have made that their job. Free picks are the culmination of their work, where they give sports bettors insight into which NFL team will win that week’s game. Just like it says Picks, it is where the experts have picked one team to beat the other. This is what you will find here, as well as throughout the internet.

Types of Picks

There are different types of betting picks, some are free, while others give you a taste, then charge you for the rest. As mentioned before, many people make this their job and want to make money off of their predictions. This is why there are two categories of picks:

  1. Free Betting Picks – the obvious difference is that these are free, you don’t have to pay for them. These types of picks are mainly used to attract new bettors, offering them great insight and analysis already done for them; basically getting the hard work out of the way so you can enjoy placing bets.
  2. Premium Picks – these picks are made by top sports analysts, which would require compensation for their work. You can get individual picks, or rather get a package deal by paying a premium.

A word of caution though, it is good to do your own research to backup what these free betting picks are telling you. This is why you can follow our great betting tips & advice and get the most out of these picks.

How Picks Work

It is very simple to understand how free picks work. Picks are where all of the analysis and handicapping has arrived at the conclusion that a certain NFL team has the best odds of winning the game. Instead of having you do all of the analysis and handicapping, these betting picks are given to you for free. The end goal is so that you have all of the information at your fingertips and are able to place bets knowing that it is predicted to happen. Much like the NFL, these picks cannot give you 100% accuracy, which is why we encourage everyone to do their own basic research to determine whether or not it is the best possible free betting pick.