Understanding NFL Football Handicapping when Betting

Betting Handicapping Chair Handicapping for betting is a term used when sports bettors take all of the available information at their disposal and use it to create an accurate prediction of the outcomes of all of the NFL games, as well as for any other sports games. There are three basic forms of handicapping: Fundamental, Technical, and Situational. Knowing the how each works, and their advantages will allow you to make better predictions. Many believe that using one form of handicapping is the best choice, while others prefer to combine the different factors from all three, in order to create a more complete prediction. You will need to make your own choice, and see what works for you; remember, a 55% or more success rate what you should be aiming for for.

Fundamental Handicapping

Fundamental StatsFundamental handicapping is the most popular and well-known form of handicapping. They make use of various different factors, including Statistics, Power Rankings, and Matchups. The NFL is a great sport to bet on using this method, as there are so many stats for each team and player that you will have enough information to use. On top of that, there is a week (not including Bye’s) between each game, which gives you enough time to analyze and predict.

  • Statistics: the statistics include all of the overall team, as well as the individual player stats. You can check out a good break down of each by reading the betting predictions page.
  • Power Rankings: these rankings are posted weekly, after each round of games, where they rank each team from 1st to 32nd based on their overall and weekly performance. This is a good general guide to use to determine which teams are starting to play better or worse.
  • Matchups: before the game, many different experts will look at each match and analyze their strengths and weaknesses, and details their own professional opinion on which team will win. Use this information to your advantage, but don’t use this as your main source of your predictions.

You can see that this type of betting handicapping will useful to those that prefer a more methodical and mathematical approach to predicting.

Technical Handicapping

Technical TrendsTechnical handicapping is similar to fundamental, but they use a different set of statistics. This method also uses betting trends in order to create predictions. As you should know, trends are certain patterns that repeat in a semi-constant to constant manner. You can find these trends at any sportsbook, as well as sports site that follows the NFL.

  • Trends: although the use of trends to make predictions is popular, it isn’t as accurate when the trends go back 5 or 10 years. As NFL teams change players and coaches, and other aspects of their game play year after year, trends that say “Team A has not won as an Underdog against Team B in 5 years” are not as useful as trends that are more current. However, shorter trends have a higher risk, as they do not have as much historical data backing it up. It is a double-edged sword, so use it carefully.

Many do not use technical handicapping alone, and prefer to combine it with different handicapping methods. You should follow this same advice, since using more sources of information and techniques, you increase your accuracy.

Situational Handicapping

Situational Helmets This method of betting handicapping is based off of present situations that each team is facing. This is mainly used in College football, but it can also be applied in NFL football. There are many different situations that can impact, as well as determine the overall performance by a team. Some of these situations include:

  • Rivalries: this is a huge component of College, as well as NFL football. Two teams that have a past, where the fans and players take pride in beating a strong rival, will have a big impact on the way a game goes.
  • Winning/Losing Streaks: when a team has been winning or losing consistently, the team and players will be motivated to continue winning; or be discouraged. Their performance could be affected.
  • Game Schedule: the schedule can also be important. For example, a team played on Monday Night Football, and their next game is on Thursday, that does not give them much time to rest. The opposite is also true, having a long rest, with a bye week, the team can be well rested and prepared for their next game.

These situations can be helpful to know and understand, but just like technical handicapping, should not be used alone. Just because a team is on a winning streak does not mean they will win the next game.

As you start to use handicapping for betting, remember these three types can be used to your advantage by combining the useful information and creating an accurate prediction.