Betting on the NFL

Betting on the NFL has always been a great opportunity for those sports fans that enjoy watching the NFL match-ups. The NFL season started strong and is continuing to progress splendidly, and for those bettors wanting to place some action on the current NFL season, there are tons of options for them to do so. The biggest problem most new sports bettors have is that they do not know how to place a bet on the NFL, let alone any other sport. This is a step by step guide for these new bettors that lack the experience of placing wagers on the online sportsbooks, or even for those bettors with experience but are not familiar with placing bets online.

We will be using the Bovada online sportsbook for this guide. Many of the other sportsbooks follow similar practices when placing bets, so once a bettor understand how to bet through Bovada, they will be able to replicate this at any other online sportsbook.

Step 1: Logging In

Before this step is even possible, the sports bettors should have signed up at Bovada or any other online sportsbook and have at least deposited some funds into their accounts so they can be ready to go.

This step is fairly easy and stragithforward, the first thing any sports bettor has to do is log into their personal account at the sportsbook they are members of. This is where the bettor should remember their User Name, which in most cases is an account number the sportsbook gave them when they signed up, and their Password.


These text boxes can usually be found at the top of the website when the bettor gets to the main website. Once the bettor has input their information, all they have to do is hit the “SIGN IN” or “LOG IN” button that is beside these boxes.

Step 2: Finding the NFL Betting Lines

Hopefully by this step the sports bettor already has some money in their account that they can wager with. This step is all about finding the NFL betting lines that the sports bettor is most interested in. The first thing they should do is locate the general sport, which would be “Football”, and from there they should be able to locate quite easily the “NFL” portion; simply click on the NFL link and that should take you to the NFL betting lines.


Step 3: At the NFL Betting Lines

Once the bettor arrives at the NFL betting lines, they should be aware of several factors. The most recent or upcoming NFL matchup will appear first, and the closer the match date is to the actual game day, the odds will be much clearer and precise. The betting line will show the bettor the three main types of bets, which are very common at any online sportsbook; these are the Money Line, Point Spread, and the Total Points bet. Along with each of these betting types, each individual matchup has their own odds to be wagered on.


Step 4: Picking the Match-Ups

This step is very important for a bettor. They need to choose which NFL match-ups they are going to be betting on. If they are betting on match-ups a lot earlier than the match is set to be played, the odds may be different later on as the match day approaches.


Step 5: Which Bets to Use

Once the bettor has picked the specific NFL match-ups, they need to determine which bets they are going to wager on. They can pick, if the matchup has the available odds, between the Money Line, Point Spread, and the Total Points bet. More often than not, the Point spread bet is the first bet that is made available for the bettor.


Step 6: Choosing the Bet

The bettor should have some sort of plan, whether it is using a betting system or relying on their own handicapping skills, they should have some way of being able to predict the outcome of the NFL match. If they place a bet on the Money Line, they should have a good idea of which team will win, if they place it on the Point Spread, they should know by how much a team will win by, or they should know how many points the two teams will score in order to place a wager on the Total Points bet.


Step 7: The Bet Slip

The bet slip, at least at Bovada, is on the right hand side of the screen, and it details all of the wagers that the bettor has currently placed. The bettor will be able to use the Bet Slip in order to enter the amount of money they want to wager on each of their bets, and they can also see how much they could win off of those bets; that is if their bets payout.


Once the bettor has input all of their desired bets and wager amounts, they can then proceed to the next screen by clicking on the “REVIEW MY BET(S)” button at the bottom of the bet slip.


Step 8: Reviewing the Bets

This screen is to allow the bettors one more glance at the bets they picked to wager on. Once the bettor has made sure that everything is in order, they can proceed to click on the “PLACE BET” button, in order to go ahead and place the current bets.


Step 9: Confirmation

Once the bettor has hit the “PLACE BET” button, they will be given a confirmation number of the bets they just placed. With this confirmation number they will be able to review and keep an accurate history of the bets they have placed. Most sportsbooks also have a great function of keeping the betting history of each member.


The only thing left for the sports bettor to do is to sit back and enjoy watching the upcoming and current NFL match-ups and wait and see if their bets pay off.