How to Bet on the NFL

NFL Betting Lines

The NFL betting lines are the main lifeline that sports bettors have when they want to view the latest and upcoming NFL match-ups, as well as look at the different types of bets and odds that are made available through the online sportsbook. They will use this information in order to place bets on their favorite match-ups, as well as win as many bets as possible. This is a simple guide, letting bettors know how to place a bet on the NFL betting lines.


For this example we will be using the Bovada online sportsbook. Most U.S. friendly online sportsbooks operate in a similar manner, so what you learn here, can also be applied at any other sportsbook of your preference.

Logging into the Sportsbook

The first and most obvious step would be to first go to the online sportsbook of your choice and log into your account. For this, you would have to register and sign-up before being able to place a bet on that particular sportsbook. Once you are at the main page, or even at the sportsbook page of the website, you can proceed to look for the log in fields, which are most commonly found at the top-right hand corner of the screen.

This is where the sports bettor needs to input their Account Number, User Name, or even just their Email, as well as put in their Password into the appropriate boxes. After that, simply hit the “SIGN IN” button.


Getting to the Sportsbook Section

Once the sports bettor has logged in, the next step would be to go to the main sportsbook page. This is easy enough to do since all they have to do is click on the “SPORTS” link.


Locating the NFL Betting Lines

Once at the main sportsbook page, the bettor will now have to locate the NFL betting lines. If they look to the left hand side of the screen, they will see a long list of different sports that are available to be wagered on through the sportsbook. They should be able to find the “Football” general link pretty quickly; simply click on that button to either go to that section or open up the options under that particular sport. The bettor will find various different options under the Football general topic; the bettor should be able to quickly and accurately find the “NFL Football Lines” button. Depending on the sportsbook, it could simply be named “NFL Lines” or just “NFL”.


By clicking on that link, the bettor will be taken to the main page of the NFL betting lines.

The Picking the NFL Match-Up(s)

By this time the bettor should be at the NFL betting lines page, where they will be able to see different information. This information includes the latest and upcoming NFL match-ups, with their playing schedule, as well as the general betting line bets; the money line, point spread, and the total score bet. This is where the bettor will be able to sort through all of the scheduled NFL match-ups that they would want to place a bet on; the betting lines usually show the weekly schedule and odds.


Picking the Bets

Once the bettor has chosen which NFL match-ups they want to or are going to be betting on, they need to decide which bets to wager on for each of those match-ups. They have three options to pick from, the money line, point spread, and the total score bet.

The money line bet is for simply picking which team is going to win the match. The point spread bet is used when the bettor wants to determine whether or not the final score difference will be above or below the value given. The total score bet is when the bettor wants to wager if the final total score of the match, the sum of both team scores, is going to be above or below the sportsbook given value.


From the above information, the bettor would have a total of 5 different bets, on 2 different match-ups; he used the combination of all of the different betting types in order to increase his chances of winning a bet and getting a higher payout.

Determining the Bet Amount

Once the bets have been picked, it is time for the bettor to determine how much of their bankroll they want to place on each bet. There is a rule of thumb that dictates that a sports bettor should only wager about 4% – 6% of their total bankroll; for those not familiar with the term “bankroll”, it is the amount of money you have deposited into your account on the sportsbook.

Sports bettors will be able to put in the amount of money they wish to wager on each individual bet they have made by looking to the right of the screen, where there is usually a “BET SLIP”; this is where all of the bets that have been placed are currently located. At the bet slip, the bettor will be able to input the wager amounts for each bet.


Here the bettor can view two different crucial pieces of information, the Risk and the To Win. The Risk field is where the bettor will input the amount of money they want to place on that particular bet. The To Win field is the sportsbook showing the bettor how much money they could potential win off of that particular bet, based on the given odds and amount wagered.

Reviewing the Bet(s)

Once the bets have been chosen, and the wager amounts determined and input into their corresponding places. The next step is to look over the bets, to make sure everything is in order and no mistakes have been made. The bettor would click on the “REVIEW MY BET(S)” button at the bottom of the Bet Slip, which will take them to an overview of the bets that are going to be placed.


After reviewing all of the bets and information, verifying it is all correct, the next step would to simply place the bet by clicking on the “PLACE BET” at the bottom of the Review My Bet section.


Confirmation Page and Number

Once the bettor has sent in their bets, they should come up to a confirmation page. This is where the bettor will find out if his bets were placed correctly, as well as getting a confirmation number. The confirmation number can be used to check up on the status of each of the bets that were placed by the bettor, at a later date. Do not worry about trying to save the confirmation number, since most online sportsbooks tend to have a good section where the bettor can review their Bet History and any Open Bets they may have currently going on.


Enjoy the Match-Ups

This last step in the whole betting on the NFL lines process is the easiest, and could be the most enjoyable. Bettors should always have fun and watch the match-ups that they bet on, this way they have real-time updates on how their bets are doing. Remember to relax and enjoy the games.