NFL Betting Expectations

NFL Betting and You

There are many people interested in betting the NFL, as well as there are many that already participate in betting on the NFL and its various match-ups. However, what most sports bettors come to wonder is what benefits are there from betting on the NFL, and what they can ultimately get out of it. There are several factors that sports bettors should be aware of when beginning to bet on the NFL.

Money Misconceptions

There are two types of bettors, and we hope that you become a realistic bettor. Those idealistic bettors usually fade out or become addicted; both of which are completely negative in nature. Some people that want to start betting on the NFL, or any other sport for that matter, tend to think that this is a very easy way to get rich quick. This has to be the furthest from reality, since sports betting is a double-edged sword. It can bring high payouts, but it can also bring heavy losses. This is why it is important to come into the realm of NFL betting with the right attitude.

Another big misconception is, that sports betting is rigged and that people will lose all of their money by engaging in it. I am not saying that there has never been a person that has lost all of their money while placing bets, but what I am saying is that a smart and efficient bettor won’t allow this situation to happen.

Money Expectations

In the end, a smart bettor is a person that takes their time to research and evaluate the possibilities before placing a bet, and when they do place a bet, they do so with restraint and discipline. Managing their bankroll is a very important task that every bettor should learn and follow.

As such, a bettor should never expect to get rich off of one or two bets, but instead try to spread their wealth around in order to increase the likelihood of making a profit. Bettors need to realize that they are seeking to make a profit, not to become wealthy in just one try. Expect to place only the right amount for each bet, depending on your bankroll size.

Thinking that betting on the NFL is a part-time job is the appropriate approach. This will eliminate those desires of getting rich quick, and show the bettor that earning a constant pay check each week or month has its perks. That should be every bettors goal, be able to gain extra income, however large or small the amount.

Realistic Goals

Every sports bettor should set realistic goals for when they start betting. There is no one that can boast about being a 100% accurate bettor; I am sure there are very few bettors that are 75% accurate or higher.

The Sportsbooks

Bettors that are just starting out should be aware that they will be losing more often that they win, unless they already have a firm grasp of the NFL. Some people have a knack for guessing the outcome of a match, and that is why they joined a sportsbook and started placing bets. The first goal of any beginner is to get to know and understand the aspects involved with betting such as the odds, betting types, and what options they have.

The Bankroll

Betting on the NFL can be done only if the bettor has the money available to place the bets. So what each bettor has to do is set a realistic goal of the amount they want to place on each bet. Learning to manage your money is crucial. There is a golden rule amongst sports bettors, even gamblers in general, is that one should always separate the personal finances from the bankroll. This will enable the bettor to use only what he can afford, and will lower the risk of going broke.

Winning vs. Losing

There isn’t a single bettor that can claim they have won 100% of their bets, that would be a big lie and other bettors should not believe them. A sports bettor should not aim to get a 100% accurate winning streak, not even a 70% winning streak is plausible until an enormous amount of time and experience has been gained.

They should expect to be getting anywhere between 45% – 55% winning rate. They will obviously be losing more times than they win, but at the start while they adjust. Any rate above 51% is already a winning ratio, meaning that the bettor is achieving a profit from their bets.

Warning: Do not get discouraged by a few losses, everyone losses, the important thing is to learn from those mistakes in order to become better. Learn why that particular bet lost and what your thought process was when you placed it.

Time and Effort Expectations

Betting on the NFL can be an easy task for those that are already interested in the NFL and understand all about the statistics. However, for those that may enjoy watching the NFL matches, but do not particularly know or understand the intricacies of the sport, may be left with a few doubts. It is a simple ratio, the more quality, time and effort placed into research and analysis, the better odds the bettor has of winning their bets. Trust me, the successful sports bettors spend a good amount of time analyzing the NFL games and statistics in order to better predict the upcoming matches.

Overall Expectations

Sports bettors should not only try to make a profit from their bets, but to have fun while they are at it. They should come to expect a moderate return on their investments, as well as spending a good amount of time researching the NFL teams and players. On top of everything else, they should expect to learn from their mistakes and be able to build an effective betting method that will give them the winning ratio.