NFL Special Bets

NFL Special Bets

After reviewing the regular straight bets that can be found on any sportsbook and betting line, the betting options do not stop there. The different amount of special bets made available on each sportsbook may differ, but they should all have some of the most basic special bets. One of the more basic special bets is the Futures, which as the name suggests depend on future events. The other more common special types of bets would be the Parlays, Teasers, and Prop bets. Each gives the sports bettor something new and different from the regular forms of betting on the NFL, making it a much more exciting endeavor.

The Futures

This type of betting could be part of the general betting scheme when a sports bettor goes to an online sportsbook. The reason for this is thanks to its simplicity. This type of bet, when it comes to betting on the NFL, depends entirely on the future events and matches that occur during the NFL season. In most cases, the futures list which NFL teams are more likely to win their individual conference, win the NFC or AFC championship, or make it to and win the Super Bowl.


This kind of betting is usually done for pure entertainment, since the payouts for any of these wagers won’t happen for a long time. So, as a precaution, bettors should not depend on the Futures when they want to see a prompt payout. It is a fun way to use some extra cash, to see which team will actually be able to make to the Super Bowl; or any of the other futures.


Parlays are a form of multiple betting. In other words, they allow the bettor to join two or more different bets into one; which is what the parlay is there for. When the bettor picks his regular bets, such as the money line, point spread, and/or total points for any of the NFL match-ups, they can also include those bets into a Parlay.

The way a Parlay works is that it groups together all or some of the regular bets that a sports bettor has placed. The factors involved in a Parlay are the amount of bets placed into the parlay, and whether or not all of the bets win. A parlay can have two or more bets, but as the amount of bets increases, so does the potential payout; since the odds of winning more bets is much lower.


In order for a parlay bet to payout ALL bets have to win. In other words, if one or more of the bets that were placed into the parlay lose, the bettor will not receive a payout. As this task is much harder, since all bets must win, the odds and payout amount are set accordingly. The more bets placed into a parlay, the much riskier and lower odds of success, which in turn makes the potential payout that much bigger.


Teasers are very similar to parlays, since they also work on the basis of grouping multiple bets into one big bet. The main differences between a Teaser and a parlay are the odds. For the teaser, the odds are much higher; meaning there is a better chance that all of the bets in the teaser will win.


The reason the potential payout is much lower, as the result of having better odds, is due to the fact that teasers have a special perk that helps the sports bettors. They give the bettor, and the individual bets, a point advantage. In other words, the bettor will get much better odds thanks to the fact that the Teaser skewed them in their favor.

Example: Say for instance a NFL team has a point spread of -14, this would mean they have to win by 15 points or more. With the teaser, depending on the value desired, the bettor will be able to lower that point spread. If the Teaser is showing a +6 Points, the bettor would take that amount and add it to the point spread of -14; which it would become -8. This means that the NFL team doesn’t have to win by 15 or more points, but instead by 9 or more points. It is a huge advantage for the bettor.

Prop Bets

NFL prop bets are a very interesting and entertaining method of betting. Prop bets are irregular forms of betting on either the NFL team or the NFL players; with how they perform or anything else that may be considered, off-beat. These types of bets are conducted just like a straight bet, it either happens or it doesn’t; keeping the betting simple so that there can be a wide variety of choices. Prop bets involve aspects of the game that are not usually wagered on, such as which player will be benched first or how many interceptions a certain quarterback will get during the game.


So, whichever type of special bet you decide to use and wager on, remember to have fun, since that is what they are there for, to enhance the bettors experience while they bet on the NFL.