NFL Trends

Trends and the NFL

Trends can be split into various different categories, but we will mainly focus on the performance trends that the NFL teams have. For those that do not know what a trend is, it is simply a visible pattern of how a particular team is performing during and throughout the playing season. With the NFL, trends can be linked to various different aspects such as win to loss ratio, betting ratios, and can even include home and away game ratios. This is an aspect that is greatly used when a sports bettor decides to handicap.

Win to Loss Trend

This ratio is simply their season record. It can be further looked at and speculated by looking at the game trends, by showing their last 5 games played and how they performed during those 5 games; 5 games is the usual standard when showing past team performances.


On top of being able to check and see the game ratio, which shows each team’s performance over a 5 game period, a sports bettor can also check and see how the two specific NFL teams have performed against each other in previous matches and even seasons. This may not be as crucial as the other information, but it can give the bettor a slight insight into how the match could play out.


These two pieces of information can go on to show the bettor certain patterns and trends that they can start to use in order to predict the outcome of the match.

Betting Trends

Betting trends have also proven to be quite useful when determining how certain teams will perform depending on the different bets. These trends usually include how the teams have performed against the point spread and the total points bet.


This way, the sports bettor can start to get a feel as to how each team has performed against the particular types of bets. They can even check and see how well they have performed while playing on the Road or while playing at Home. This is all useful information that the bettor can use and take into account when predicting the outcome of any specific NFL matchup.

Using the Trends

When a sports bettor encounters these trends, they should be able to use them to their advantage. In order to do so, they could follow certain tips and strategies that most other successful sports bettors prefer to use and follow. There is some information on these trends that should be ignored, and other information that might actually be valuable. Learning to tell the difference and using only the useful information is what will help when predicting the winning bets.

Not so Useful Information

What most sports bettors need to realize is that trends that use anything from the past, spanning years, can be pretty much useless information. The reason for this is due to the fact that teams, players, coaches, and everything else that is involved with a particular NFL team will change over time. This is why using trends that use information from the past, such as how well one team played against their opponent in the past, may not be the best information to use; it may bring some insight but won’t really help when predicting a winner. So, stay away from trends that use information that is outdated and has no relevance in the current season.

Useful Information

Checking to see how well a team has performed while on the Road or when they play at Home is important information that any person that is handicapping should use. This will allow them to see a better picture of how each team will perform when facing similar circumstances. These playing patterns tend to be more up to date, allowing the bettor a more accurate prediction. As betting on the NFL isn’t just about betting the winner, but also takes into account many different aspects, checking to see how a team has performed based on these other types of bets is also important when the sports bettor wishes to wager on those particular bets.

Trend Handicapping

When a bettor starts using the trends as a handicapping tool, they need to realize that trends can be just as damaging as they are helpful. As they realize this, they should not solely depend on the trends when they start predicting the outcome of the match or the bets. This is why it is a good idea to mix the trends with other handicapping tools and factors, this way the bettor can get the most out the information.