Online NFL Betting

Betting on the NFL

The NFL is one of the most paid and viewed sport in the U.S. With such a large following, and with so much money going in and out of it, it is not a strange thing to find that a gambling enterprise has been created that includes the NFL. Betting on the NFL is a billion dollar industry, and there are many that want to take part in that. There are many different ways a person can place a bet, any kind of bet, on the NFL. The most popular and over growing method is to use the online sportsbooks in order to place bets and wagers through the internet.

NFL Betting Online

As the online sportsbooks offer betting services for the NFL and their matchups, along with the many different types of possible bets that can be placed, it is becoming more apparent that the amount of bettors is rising. This is why these sports bettors should know the ins and outs of placing a bet on the NFL through any online source.

Online Sportsbooks

This is the most popular method sports bettors use in order to place a bet on any of the upcoming NFL matchups. These sportsbooks can be found easily, as there is a multitude of them on the internet, and they each offer different perks for those that want to join. They also offer betting for other sports, not just the NFL; they will hype and post the odds of each sport during the active seasons of each sport. It is very easy to join and access an online sportsbook, but there are some restrictions based on gambling laws.


There are two distinct types of online sportsbooks, those that are U.S. friendly and those that are not U.S. friendly. The U.S. friendly sportsbooks adhere to stricter rules and policies, since the U.S. has stricter gambling regulations. Most of these sportsbooks won’t allow sports bettors to join if they live outside of the U.S.

With the non-U.S. friendly sportsbooks, they allow most, if not all, sports bettors from around the world; with the exception of U.S. and other countries that limit this activity. Having both of these options allows the bettors to join and fully take advantage of the best services that are offered to their region of the world.

Other Betting Methods

There are other methods a sports fan can use in order to place a bet on the NFL matchups. These include casinos and over the telephone services.

The casinos offer sports betting, but seeing as how they are a physical location; the bettor would have to travel all the way to a casino in order to place a bet. This is a great option for those that live really close to a casino and can easily commute there every time they want to place a bet, but for the others that live far away, this option just isn’t plausible or financially responsible.

Bettors can also place bets on the NFL matchups by using different telephone services. These may take a long time, and the bettor will have the hassle of asking for every piece of information that they need in order to place a good bet; such as the odds.

Advantages of Betting Online

There are many advantages for betting on the NFL online, which is primarily done through the online sportsbooks.


A sports bettor can access the online sportsbook from the comfort of their own home, as all that is needed is an internet connection; as well as being 18 or 21 and older depending on the sportsbook. Another aspect that goes along with accessibility is the fact that since it is online, the information is updated automatically and constantly. In other words, a bettor can check on the current, real-time odds that the sportsbook is placing on a certain NFL matchup. Not only are the odds updated, but also the scores, and in some cases bettors can even place bets while the game is being played Live.


Obviously if a bettor is going to bet on the NFL, they wouldn’t really need a sportsbook that has a good variety of other sports, but what they do want is a good variety of NFL matchups. Betting online allows bettors to place a variety of different bets, like the money line or point spread, on various different matchups. Having a big selection of bets and matches is a big plus.


Placing a bet online is both easy and fast, since the only thing the bettor has to do is select the matches and bets they want to wager on. The bets are posted immediately, so the bettor doesn’t have to worry about waiting. They can do this for multiple bets at once, making it a much easier and faster process than any other method.


In order for sportsbooks to compete against each other they offer certain bonuses and promotions to the new and loyal members of their website. Some of the bonuses they offer are:

  • Deposit Matching (they match a certain percentage of the money you deposit)
  • Free Plays (risk free money a bettor can use to place bets with)
  • Reward Points (points based on activity that can be exchanged for cash or other prizes)

In essence, the sportsbooks want their member to feel satisfied, and bettors can take advantage of these great bonuses when placing bets.

Examples of Sportsbooks

For those sports fans not sure about which sportsbooks to join or even where to start looking can use this simple list in order to start their sports betting venture.


U.S. Friendly Sportsbooks

Other Online Sportsbooks (non-U.S.)

What to Look For

Bettors should be aware of what to look for when visiting these different sportsbooks. The first and most obvious is whether or not the sportsbook allows bettors from the country you reside in; look through the sportsbooks that cater to your country. Another good thing to look at and compare amongst various sportsbooks are the odds. It is always good to be a member of at least two different sportsbooks. That way, a bettor can get the best odds possible on the NFL matches.

I am not saying that the bonuses are the most important part, but it is good to pick a sportsbook that offers rewards or bonuses. After all that is said and done, the bettor should really pick the sportsbook with the best reputation and the one they are most comfortable with, which is able to satisfy their needs.