Picking the Right Sportsbook(s)

Online sportsbooks have become the number one method that everyone in the U.S. and the world has in order to place any kind of sports bets. Most sportsbooks come with a big selection of popular sports, as well as localized sports. This is why it is so important for both new and already experienced sports bettors know what to look for when signing up at an online sportsbook. There is not perfect sportsbook, but there are plenty that can satisfy the different kinds of bettors.

The Best Odds

Most bettors would think of looking at and joining the sportsbooks with the best rewards and bonuses, but what they fail to see is that the odds that the sportsbook offers them, is where they will get all of their profits from, not from the bonuses and promotions. This is why the bettors should always look for the sportsbooks that offer the best odds, obviously basing their search on the preferred sports. For those that look for the best American type sports, should look more at the U.S. friendly sportsbooks, while international sports can be said to have more impact and better odds at sportsbooks catering outside of the U.S.

Compare the Odds

It is always good to look at and compare the odds given at the different sportsbooks. As a rule of thumb, a sports bettor should be a member of at least two different sportsbooks. This will give them the chance to place different bets on the same matches, as well as simply using the sportsbook that shows the best odds for a given match.


Bovada Online Sportsbook Odds


WagerWeb Online Sportsbook Odds


Looking at and comparing the odds found at Bovada and WagerWeb, we can see that they have different odds for the same NFL match-ups; which are more evident in the point spread bets more than the other types. A bettor may ask, “The odds are only different by ½ point, does this matter?” It matter more than you would think.

When a sportsbook adds the ½ point to their Point Spread bet, this is giving the Underdog team a slight advantage in the upcoming match. Instead of having to keep the score at a whole point beneath the spread, they can keep it at just half a point beneath the spread; most know that the NFL does not deal with ½ points.

Keeping Up With the Odds

The bettor should always be checking on the odds given at the various different sportsbooks, as these tend to change as the match time approaches, especially the money line bet. Checking on how the odds are at the beginning of the week, and comparing them to how they have changed throughout the week, can also help a bettor determine which way the sportsbooks are leaning.

Bonuses, Promotions, and Rewards

Online sportsbooks tend to have very similar odds, since they base them off of the same information. This is why, in order to give themselves an advantage over the others, they make use of bonuses and promotions in order to attract and retain members. This is by no means a bad deal for the sports bettors, as they are able to take advantage of this healthy competition and get some great bonuses as they place their bets. There are three general types of bonuses and rewards that sportsbooks offer, the welcome bonuses, the deposit or free play bonuses, and the reward programs; certain sportsbooks also offer a great promotion called the Reduced Juice Bet.

Welcome Bonuses

These are aimed primarily at the new bettor, and they tend to be for a one time use. As such, they are likely to offer a larger than normal bonus. Bettors that are just signing up on the sportsbooks should take great care in picking the ones that offer a good bonus percentage, as well as a high bonus amount.


Bovada Welcome Bonus


WagerWeb Welcome Bonus


This way, the bettor can deposit whatever amount they have available or are willing to deposit, and will get a good amount of free cash they can use to place a bet with. Remember, these bonuses are for those sports bettors that are joining for the first time, so if you are already a member of a sportsbook, you are ineligible for their welcome bonus.

Deposit or Free Play Bonuses

These bonuses tend to be open for every member of the particular sportsbook. The way they work is that when a bettor wishes to deposit funds into their accounts, they will get a certain percentage of it matched; with an obvious maximum on how much. This is free cash that a bettor can use to bet with. There is a difference between free cash and free play cash.

The free cash is simply free cash, the bettor will be able to use and keep that cash. While free play cash is cash a bettor can use to wager with, but once they have wagered it, it is no longer available; the only thing that is made available are the winnings that the free play cash provided.


Bet Legends Free Play Bonus


Reward Programs

Reward programs are a different breed of bonuses. They are something that will constantly happen, and are usually made up of various different bonuses and promotions, such as the deposit bonus, cash back, and even free payouts. Sports bettors that encounter a sportsbook with a good rewards program should take advantage of the free rewards, since all they have to do is place bets; which is what they were going to do initially anyways.


5Dimes Cash Back Program


When looking at a cash-back program, or any type of rewards program, it usually depends on the bettor’s activity. If they place a lot of bets per month, they will probably be rewarded more than someone that only places a few.

Special: Reduced Juice Bet

For those bettors not familiar with what a Reduced Juice Bet is, put simply, the sportsbooks that offer this will give a bettor a much better rate on their bets. The industry standard for Point Spreads is a -110; meaning the bettor has to wager $110 in order to win $100. However, with a Reduced Juice Bet, the sportsbook will offer bets at -105; meaning the bettor only has to wager $105 in order to win $100. Over the long haul, the reduced juice bets show a much more favorable rate of return, which means the bettors will break even faster and start making profits much quicker.


Bet Legends Reduced Juice Bet


Sportsbook Overall Service

As sportsbooks want to convey a certain type of experience a bettor should have, they would offer the services and support to accomplish that. It is important for a sports bettor to find a sportsbook that has a good variety of deposit and withdrawal methods, or at least the best types of methods, as well as several different methods of contacting customer support. Those sportsbooks that make it easy for their members to contact them, navigate the website, and are able to easily conduct their financial needs, are the ones that should be considered most highly.