Sports Betting Free Plays

Sports Betting Free Plays

For those more experienced sports bettors, this should be a review of what you already know, but there might be some interesting and profitable information below. As most sports bettors use the online sportsbooks as their main method of placing their wagers on the NFL, or any other sport, it would be to their advantage to learn and use the different bonuses and promotions they offer to new or loyal members. One of these types of bonuses is the Free Play bonus. Bettors should become familiar with what this bonus is, how it works, and how to properly take advantage of it.

The Free Play Bonus

The Free Play bonus is one that is very common amongst the online sportsbooks. This bonus can be given to the members of these sportsbooks in two different methods, as a sign-up bonus or as a qualifying rewards program. The bonus is usually referred to as Free Play cash, even though it is not actual cash, but it is playable and wage-able money.

Sign Up Bonus

The Free Play cash is given as a sign up bonus, it is usually in large amounts, which go along with a certain percentage. The sportsbooks let their new members know that, upon their first deposit they could get a certain matched percentage of what they deposit that can be used as free play cash.

Reward Program

When the free play cash is done with a rewards program, the percentages tend to be lower, since the members can get this bonus much more often.

The Way it Works

As the name suggests, it is a certain amount of money or “cash” that the sportsbooks give to their members that can be used to place a bet with. In other words, it is extra money the bettor has in their account that can be used to place bets with, which will not reflect negatively on their actual bankroll. The bettors bankroll and the free play cash are conducted separately, as to limit confusion.

Example: The bettor signs up to a sportsbook, where they are giving a 100% free play bonus of up to $2,000. Once the bettor, on their first deposit, puts in $500 into their account, they will be awarded $500 in free play cash.


Regular Bankroll

Free Play Cash Account

$500 $500

Placing the Bet

As the free play cash is completely separate, and obviously free, the bettor could be more inclined to use the cash to start placing bets; especially if they are unsure about they wagers. There are two general rules that bettors should know when using their free play cash when betting:

  1. The amount wagered using the Free Play cash, will be deducted from the Free Play cash account.
  2. Regardless of the bet’s outcome, the amount wagered will not be returned; only in cases where the bet wins, will the bettor receive the winnings, but not the initial investment back.

For instance, the bettor wants to place a bet on the Indianapolis Colts vs. Chicago Bears matchup, so they place a $110 wager in order to win $100. They decide to use their free play cash to do this.


Regular Account

Amount Wagered from Free Play

Free Play Account

$500 $110 $390

Once the wager is posted, it is deducted from the free play account. Let’s say the bet won, so the bettor would get a $100 payout; which normally would be the $100 payout PLUS the initial amount wagered back. However, with the free play cash, the amount wagered is never returned regardless of the bet’s outcome. So the final account status would look like this:


Regular Account

Free Play Account

$600 ($500 + $100 payout) $390

As the initial amount wagered is not returned, the bettor really needs to know how to properly and effectively use their free play cash.

Using it Effectively

In order to get the most out of the free play cash bonuses or rewards, a player will have to have at least two accounts; each at different sportsbooks offering this bonus. The reason for this is because the bettor will be “middling” of some sorts with their free play cash, but instead of betting on their point spreads, they would simply use the money line.

First Deposit (or Rewards)

When the bettor signs up, and they give them the “up to” a certain amount of money, bettors should try to take full advantage of this value. If the sportsbook is offering up to $1,000 then the bettor should try to max that value out; obviously within reason, if the bettor does not have that much cash, they should just use that amount.

Betting the Lines

As mentioned before, the bettor will be looking at the betting lines from two different sportsbooks. Bettors should try to find NFL, or any other sport, match-ups where the Underdog has a +150 or above, while the Favorite should be of -200 or below. This way, the bettor can ensure converting their free play into more than 50% actual cash. Everything is easier to explain with examples.


Let’s say that the bettor wants to place a wager on the Green Bay Packers vs. New England Patriots matchup.




Green Bay Packers


New England Patriots


The bettor would place the $500 free play cash on the Packers at the JustBet sportsbook, and would also place the $500 on the Patriots at the BetGuardian sportsbook.



Potential Payout

Green Bay Packers +175 $500 $875
New England Patriots -140 $500 $277.78

There are two possible outcomes, either one bet wins or the other one does. Either way, the bettor will be making some cash.




Percent Won

Packers Win $875 ($875 – $500) = $375 75%
Patriots Win $277.78 $277.78 56%

This means that either way, the bettor will have made a profit. Remember that the free play cash is just that, free, and is there for the bettor’s use. By using this method, a bettor can get anywhere above a 55% profit when converting their free play cash into real cash.