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There are about 59 casinos that offer football betting in Las Vegas, between the Vegas Strip and Downtown. The difference between these sportsbooks can be important, even between two similar casinos. You can place any number of football bets, with the best football lines possible, as you are in Las Vegas. It is, however, essential to find the right sportsbook for you. With their varying differences, a comfortable place will allow you to bet happier. We have researched the different Las Vegas locations that have football betting on the Strip and Downtown, and stay up to date on which is the best or worst Las Vegas has to offer.

las vegas football guide

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Las Vegas Football Betting Guide

The overall bets are quite simple to understand when betting on football, as is the same for most sports. This depends on how much the sports bettor knows about football. Throwing a lot of money in Las Vegas won’t guarantee successful football bets. However, bettors that know and have enough money will be able to have a richer experience while at the sportsbooks. The sports betting areas are secluded and separate from the overall casino. Being within the casino itself, you will still get all the perks you would usually receive when playing games. While you are betting on the football games, you will receive the free drinks, watch the games live, and receive the best odds and lines. During football season you can come to expect to be pampered.

You can find all of the football bets at most of the MGM brand casinos, which offer some of the Largest Overall Sportsbooks. At these casinos, bettors will find the latest odds and lines for most sports, most importantly football. The football games to be bet on can be found at MGM casinos Bellagio, Circus Circus, Excalibur, Luxor, MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, Mirage, and Monte Carlo. With most sports matches occurring the day and evening, you can bet on them during regular operating hours at Bellagio, Excalibur, MGM Grand, and Mirage.

Finding the Most Equipped Sportsbooks will be great, as they offer the greatest amount of TV’s in the Las Vegas casinos. These nicely equipped casinos usually have the most seating, as well as have a good number of TV’s. For those bettors looking for a comfortable seat, and a nice view of the TV’s should visit Caesars Palace, MGM Grand, or Red Rock. There are other casinos that are not as equipped to handle all of the possible football bettors, as they have few seats or TV’s. This makes the Most Equipped Sportsbooks the place to make all of your football bets comfortably.

Not all casinos are made equal, and that is the case with Las Vegas casinos. Some of these casinos would include some of the Caesar’s Entertainment properties. Other lower-end sportsbooks are the Four Queens, Hooters and New York New York. It is safe to assume that any football action at the Party Pit on the Las Vegas Strip, even though there are scantily clad women, won’t be the best for football betting. The worst casino for any sports betting in Vegas is Harrah’s. When wanting to bet on football, they have uncomfortable seating, and outdated TV’s. Some other Caesars Entertainment properties that are not as good are Paris, Bally’s and Flamingo. Caesars Palace would be one of the only Caesars Entertainment casinos that has a great sportsbook. This would be due to the fact that most Caesars Entertainment properties house smaller football betting accommodations when compared to other Las Vegas sportsbooks.

There are casinos ranked in the middle where betting on football will be a pleasant experience. This is our point of view as sports bettors. It is important to do your own research on the various sportsbooks, as your preferences will matter the most. Being able to pick a great casino will let you have a great experience when football betting.