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To understand this guide, take into account anything north of the Treasure Island casino will be included in the North Strip of Las Vegas. Included in the North Strip football locations is the Stratosphere, as it is right on the border with Downtown Las Vegas.

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Football betting locations in the North Las Vegas Strip have room for improvement. The one that truly excels is the Wynn Las Vegas, which has a great reputation as having top notch service and establishments. Any of these casinos will cater to all of your football betting needs.

The best overall sportsbook located in the North Strip will undoubtedly be found at the Wynn. They have a total of 135 seats and 152 TV’s. With their spacious floor and seating, watching live football games will be comfortable and a great experience.

North Football Guide

Casino Football Overall Grade Year Opened Seats TV’s
Circus Circus C- 1968 80 32
The Palazzo B 2008 600 100
Riviera C- 1955 36 47
Stratosphere B 1979 120 33
Treasure Island B- 1993 122 82
Venetian B- 1999 118 148
Wynn A- 2005 135 152

Northern Las Vegas Sportsbook Information

Circus Circus

Open and running since 1968 Circus Circus remains the same. There are 80 seats in total, with only 30 in the sports section. With only 32 TV’s to share, sports bettors may not have the most comfortable time. Bettors will know what I mean once they visit.


The Palazzo prides itself with having the most seats on the Strip. Palazzo bettors won’t have any trouble finding an open seat. It is owned and run by the Las Vegas Sands. Football seating includes all 600 chairs on the floor. This makes it one place where you can bet on football without worrying about seating while at the North Strip of Las Vegas. There are 600 seats you can watch football games from, but there are only 100 TV’s, but that shouldn’t be a problem as they are placed strategically around the floor.


Riviera opened in 1955, the oldest casino on the North Strip. It is also owned and run by the Las Vegas Sands. They do not have a reputation for their sports betting. With only 32 seats, it makes it hard for anyone to sit while watching. The upside is that there are enough TV’s to watch from.


Football at the Stratosphere is quite average in comparison. They do have a fair amount of seats with 120. The downside is that there are only 33 TV’s available. You may be able to find an open seat, but there is no guarantee that they will be in front of the TV’s showing your games.

Treasure Island

Treasure Island is owned and run by Phil Ruffin and not much has changed since the previous owner. It does have a large space, with a total of 122 seats and 82 TV’s that occupy the space very well. They would be your average football betting location, with everything being satisfactory.


Venetian offers football amenities that make it a nice place to bet at. They have 148 TV’s that do great with their 118 seats. This allows bettors to place their wagers and have a seat or comfortably stand around. The overall football experience is quite pleasant regardless of the fact that it may not be the best in Las Vegas.


Wynn boasts one of the best football experiences in Vegas. Take a chance and go bet there. They have 135 seats available for their guests, and with 148 TV’s, there is more than enough. Bettors wanting the ideal experience in the North Strip of Las Vegas will need to go the Wynn, as they have the greatest reputation compared to the others. Bettors can make all of their big bets within the comfort of the casino.

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