NFL Betting Lines Series

Welcome to the NFL Betting Lines Series section of This is a very extensive and comprehensive section, full of helpful articles related to the betting lines that can be found at any of the top online sportsbooks. Here new and inexperienced, as well as already experienced sports bettors, interested in betting on the NFL, can expand their knowledge when it comes to understanding and properly taking advantage of the different aspects of the betting lines. We have basic articles to help the beginners and we also have more advanced articles that will help bettors improve how they bet. Take a look around, read anything that you find interesting, and most importantly, enjoy everything you do.

NFL Betting Lines: The Basics

Learn about the NFL betting line basics, along with the different components that make it an essential piece of any sports bettors’ arsenal, such as the three most common wagering types; the money line, point spread, and the total points bet. This information is essential for all new sports bettors to know and understand.

NFL Betting Lines: The Money Line

Sports bettors will be able to learn all about what the Money Line bet is, as well as what information can be useful. They will also get good insight on how to use the information, as well as learning how to calculate the potential payouts that each wager could win.

NFL Betting Lines: The Point Spread

The Point Spread is a widely used type of bet found on the betting lines, and it is essential that all sports bettors interested in betting on the NFL match-ups to fully understand what this bet is. They will learn all about the basics about the Point Spread, as well as useful information that will help the bettors improve.

NFL Betting Lines: The Total Points

Sports bettors will learn about the Total Points bet, which is part of the NFL betting lines, and all of the useful information that they can get from it. As well as learn how to calculate the potential payouts. They will be able to see first-hand what happens when they bet on the Total Points of a NFL matchup.

NFL Betting Line Odds

An essential part of the NFL betting lines are the odds, as they tell the sports bettor how much of a chance a NFL team has of winning a bet, as well as letting them know how much they need to wager and/or receive in a payout. Learn all about the three basic styles of odds, including the American, Decimal, and Fractional odds.

Money Line Strategy

Learn all about the intricacies that the Money Line bet has with this article. Bettors will be able to become more familiar with how this type of bet works, as well as learn several different strategies that will help them increase the accuracy with which they predict the NFL match winners.

Point Spread Strategy

The Point Spread bet is sometimes regarded as the handicap bet; learn exactly why and how this greatly useful bet can be a great way to bet on all of the NFL match-ups. Bettors will become familiar with different strategies, including the well-known and used strategy of Middling their bets. Look at the strategies and improve them to your liking.

Total Points Strategy

The Total Points wager is the third most common type of bet that can be found on the NFL betting lines and is one of the simplest to understand and use. Bettors will be able to learn and apply different strategies that will be useful when predicting whether the matchup will end with more or less points that posted and be able to wager on the Over or Under.

Wagering on the NFL Betting Line

This is a great guide for those bettors new to online sportsbooks or even sports betting in general; it also applies to inexperienced sports bettors that have not dealt with this. This step by step article will guide you through the process of finding the NFL betting lines, picking which matches and bets to pick, and finally how to actually place the wagers on your bets.

This great section is dedicated to all those sports bettors that never had anyone around that would help them learn and understand all of the basic components that make up the NFL betting line. This extensive and comprehensive series will and has helped all of the new and inexperienced sports bettors that want to try their luck with betting on the NFL. With such a highly competitive sport such as the NFL, it is obvious why people want to bet on each of the matches. Here at we want to help out members and visitors alike improve their own skills and knowledge in order to become more successful sports bettors. Use all of the information, don’t leave anything to chance, and start placing your bets on the NFL betting lines.