Wagering on the NFL Betting Line

The NFL Betting Lines

The very first thing that any sports bettor is going to encounter when they want to place a bet on the upcoming NFL matches is going to be the NFL betting lines; which are found at any of the many great online sportsbooks. You should have already mastered what factors are involved with the betting lines, including the odds and prices of the three most common types of bets; money line, point spread, and total points bets. Bettors will use this information, and their gained handicapping knowledge, in order to place a bet on their preferred sportsbook.

This step by step guide will help new or inexperienced bettors when they want to place a bet but do not know how to. For this guide we will be using the great betting services of the TopBet online sportsbook.

First Step: Log in to Account

This step seems simple, but a lot of sports bettors forget to sign in before they start doing all their betting. At some sportsbooks, the wager information may be lost when logging in after the fact, but other like TopBet will keep the information saved regardless. This is not an essential step, as you can log in whenever you want during this whole process, it is just good to go ahead and get it out of the way.

When you get to the TopBet website, or whichever sportsbook you will be logging into, you will need to locate the Username and Password fields, which are usually located at the top right or left hand corner of the website. Some sportsbooks provide a secondary location for their members to sign in from. Simply enter your information and log in.

Step 2: Locate the Sportsbook

Once you have signed in, it is time to go over to the sportsbook section and find those NFL betting lines. Depending on the sportsbook, the bettor could find the most recent betting lines available on their home page, or they will have to find them. Using TopBet as the example, we can either go into their sportsbook section or we can roll over the already visible “NFL” option.

If we choose to roll over or click on the “NFL” link, we will find ourselves many different options. We will need to click on the option that says NFL in order to get to the NFL betting lines. At other sportsbooks you could encounter options like “Football Lines” or “NFL Lines”.

Step 3: Locating and Picking the NFL Match-Ups

You have already entered and found the NFL betting lines, and you should be seeing very familiar things, like the odds and prices, as well as the Money Line, Point Spread, and Total Points bets. There will also be a large amount of NFL match-ups that will be played during the week. What the bettor has to do is pick and choose which games they want to wager on.

I have already gone ahead and picked two NFL match-ups that I will be betting on. This will allow me to find specific information about each team, be able to compare and contrast the information and data and be able to come up with several conclusions about each match outcome.

Step 4: Picking the Bets

We have already picked the matches were going to bet on, now we have to decide which type of bets we want to bet on. We need to pick from the money Line, Point Spread, and Total Points bets, we can bet on just one, two, or even all three for each match. It will depend on how confident you are in accurately predicting a winning bet.

I decided to place a few wagers on each matchup, as this will help me spread around my bankroll and increase the chances of winning more bets.

Step 5: Placing the Bets

This is a very crucial step, as it when the bettor will now have to place the bets he has picked. He will have to determine which team or factor to wager on. This is where all of those handy NFL betting line strategies will help. Predicting which team or bet will be a winner is a tough decision, so be sure to have done all of your research and analysis before placing the bets. All the bettor has to do is click on the Bet button; if it is any other sportsbook, the option to bet may be a box or button that you must click.

After you have clicked on those bets, at most sportsbooks there should be a Bet Ticket; also known as a Bet Slip. This Bet Ticket will keep all of your bets on record and will also allow you to enter the amount you want to wager for each bet you have placed.

Step 6: Entering the Wager Amounts

It is not time for the bettor to start placing the wager amounts. This means they need to put in a monetary value into the available spaces. This is a good step to practice good bankroll management. Do not go overboard on the betting, be mindful of how much money you have in your account and only use 5% – 8% on each wager.

The great thing about the Bet Ticket is that it automatically tells you how much money would win based on how much you are betting. Remember to verify all of the information and make sure you have placed the correct bets and the correct amounts.

Step 7: Confirm and Place

As most money transactions, it is necessary to have all of the security and safety possible, so sportsbooks will want the bettor to confirm their bets before you are allowed to proceed in placing the bets as final.

Simply confirm that the bets are correct and hit the Place Bet button to finally send your bets to the sportsbook. You will be able to check up on your bets by going to your account or if you had the bets emailed, simply check your email.

Step 8: Enjoy the Matches!

Now that you have officially sent in your bets on the current NFL match-ups, all that is left to do is sit back and enjoy watching the games.