NFL Football Betting Lines Tutorial

Writing NFL Betting LinesThe most common factor that you have to look for are the NFL betting lines. These lines will give you a lot of information about the upcoming NFL games, including what the sportsbook odds are for that particular match. There are three main types of betting lines that you will encounter at any online sports betting site: Money Line, Point Spread, and Over/Under (also known as Total Points). You need know everything there is about these lines, as you will pick one, or all, to bet on. You will also need to learn how to read these betting line odds, and determine what they mean, as your payout, and chances of winning are based off of these.

Betting Money Lines on NFL Football Games

Money LineThe money line is the most basic betting line of all, whether it is for NFL football, or any other sport. It is also called a Straight Bet, as it is straightforward on how it works. It is when you pick one team to win the game, there is nothing else to it. If all you want to do is pick the team you predicted to win, you would place this bet. As it is a straight bet, yo will only ever find one set of numbers, or odds, for this type of bet; whereas the other types have the odds and the price.

NFL – Money Line Odds

As mentioned above, the money line is the only betting line of the three that will only have one set of numbers. The set of numbers on these football betting lines are the odds. This is simply the chances, that particular sportsbook gave, the NFL team has of winning the bet. In front of these numbers you will encounter a Negative (-) or a Positive (+) symbol, which mean:

  • Negative (-): This determines that the team is the Favorite. In other words, it has the better odds of winning that particlar bet. This bet will give you less than a 1:1 payout on whatever you bet, as the odds are in your favor.
  • Positive (+): This determines that the team is the Underdog. The underdog is the team that has worse odds of winning the bet. This particular bet, as the odds are against you, will have a higher payout.

The Negative and Positive will also help you determine the payout, or the price of the bet. It is easy to follow once you understand how it works.

  • Negative (-110). Being the favorite, the payout is different. For all favorites, the number that comes after the (-) is how much money you have to bet, in order to win $100. For example, a -110 bet will cost you $110 in order to win a profit of $100; getting a total of $210.
  • Positive (+150). Being the underdog, you will receive a bigger payout compared to the amount wagered. For all underdogs, the number that comes after the (+) is how much money you will win with a $100 bet. For example, you bet $100 on odds of +150, this means you will win $150 profit; getting a total of $250.

You will come to calculate your payouts quite easily after practicing; or most sportsbooks offer you their own betting calculator that will show you the amount you would win based off of your initial bet. This is how the money line works.

The Point Spread in Football

Point Spread LineThe point spread is one of the more popular NFL betting lines that you will encounter, as it adds a level of difficulty, while still offering great payouts. The added difficulty is that you must determine which NFL team will win, while at the same time beating their opponent by a certain amount of points. It sounds complicated, but it is quite simple once you see it in action. For this betting line you will get the odds, as well as the price.

Betting the Point Spread Odds

The odds for the point spread will also have a Negative (-) and Positive (+) symbol in front of them. This will help you determine two things:

  • Negative (-14): This determines that the team is the favored to win the game, and that it will win the game with a certain point difference; the points are determined by the sportsbook. For example, with a point spread of -14, this means the team is favored to win with a point difference of more than 14 points. In other words, the team would need to win by a lead of 15 points or more in order for the bet to payout.
  • Positive (+14): This determines that the team is not favored to win the game, but has the chance to lose by less than a certain point difference. For example, point spread line of +14 means that the team may still lose the game, but if the final score difference is less than 14 points, the bet wins. Another factor that will permit this bet to win is if the Underdog wins the game. In other words, if the Underdog with +14 1) wins the game or 2) losses by a difference of 13 points of less, the bet will payout.

When it comes to determining the payout of the point spread, you would use the Price. It is determined exactly the same as how you would calculate the payout for the money line. This will add a level of difficulty, but if you do your football handicapping correctly, this will prove to be a great bet to place.

Over/Under Betting Lines

Total Points LineThe Over/Under NFL football betting lines commonly used in conjunction with the other two betting lines. Another name this goes by is Total Points, in reference to the total amount of points that is scored during a NFL game. As you might guess, the Over/Under is where you bet on how many total points, both team’s final scored aggregate, and decide whether it will be Over or Under the number set at the sportsbook.

Over/Under Odds

The odds for this particular betting line do not actually tell you which team the Favorite or the Underdog is, as it is independent from that. Instead, it simply tells you the sportsbook forcasted

  • Over. This bet means that you are predicting that the total score of the NFL game will be more than the sportsbook value. For example, the sportsbook value is 45 Points, you are betting that the total final score is 46 points or more.
  • Under. This bet means that you are predicting that the total score of the NFL game will be less than the sportsbook value. For example, the sportsbook value is 45 points, you are betting that the total final score is 44 points or less.

As you can tell, it is extremely simple to understand, and has nothing to do with the Favorite or Underdog. It is a separate bet that only takes into consideration the total points that each team scores during the game.

When looking through the betting lines, remember to look carefully and understand what each line means, since you don’t want to place the bet on the wrong NFL team!