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Licensed By: Panama
Software Provider: BLR Technologies
Headquarters: Panamabr
Accepts US Players: Yes

Legends Overview

The Legends online sportsbook, also referred to as Bet Legends, was first established in 1996. With their really early start into the online sports betting world, they have been able to gain and maintain a mountain of experience, along with their popularity and excellent services. Their headquarters are located in Panama City, Panama, which incidentally is also where they are licensed and regulated from, through the Panama Gaming Control Board. Legends is a great sportsbook that caters to and welcomes sports bettors that live in the U.S. and one of their main reason for actually making their headquarters in Panama. They are a sportsbook that has kept up with the changing times, updating their website and software, in order to provide the best services and features that sports bettors could want. It doesn’t hurt to offer a great selection of sports options, especially for those interested in betting on the NFL during the current season.

Legends Website — Score: 9.5/10

The Legends website is nothing what you would expect from a sportsbook that started in 1996. They have been able to continually updating both their website and their software. This has made just the visual part of their website into a very attractive and soothing place to visit. However, it is not only their aesthetics that are up to par, but also their whole website functionality. They make navigating their website and sportsbook a breeze, having all of the important information and links visible at all times. They have several resources that can be useful to new and experienced sports bettors. They can visit the news center where members can view the latest news that is going on in whichever sport they prefer. They have several great FAQ sections where bettors can learn all about the different payout structures, as well as learn about the different betting types they offer.

Legends Software — Score: 9/10

The Legends sportsbook has two great features that make it stand out, as well as help the bettors while they place their wagers. The first feature would have to be the ability their members have of accessing the sportsbook from their mobile devices. Some of the mobile devices that can be used are the iPhone and iPad, BlackBerry, Android, and Windows Mobile phones; basically any smartphone that can access the internet. The other great feature they have is an interactive betting slip. It will be able to tell the bettors which bets they are currently placing, as well as allow them to input the wager amounts. This will speed up the betting process and make their lives much easier.

Legends Sports Selection — Score: 8.5/10

Legends does not quite offer the same amount of sports options that other sportsbooks tend to offer, but it isn’t about quantity, but quality. The sports that they do have on their sportsbook are all extremely popular sports that people tend to prefer to wager on.

Legends Sports Options

Pro Football (NFL) NCAA Football Pro Basketball NCAA Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer Golf Tennis Car Racing

They also offer some other miscellaneous options that can be wagered on, such as politics and entertainment.

Legends Wagering Options — Score: 9/10

Betting on the Legends online sportsbook is great, since they offer their members an array of different types of bets that they can use when wagering on any sport. They range from the basic wagering types that can be found on the betting line, up to special types of wagers. If the bettor takes a look at their selection, they will be able to read a detailed explanation of how each one of them works, so take advantage and start using these options.

Money Line Point Spread Total Points Parlays
Teasers Special Teasers Round Robins If Bets
Reverses Futures Propositions Circled Games

Legends Bonuses and Promotions — Score: 9/10

Legends has a great lineup of different bonuses and promotions they offer their members. They have two great deposit bonuses; one is more aimed towards new members, and the other towards their regular members. They actually give their members two great options to choose from, and since each brings their own perks and advantages, this is the breakdown:


Bonus Percent

Minimum Deposit

Max Bonus Amount

Sign-Up Bonuses

Free Play 45% $200 $1,000
New Accounts 40% $100 $500

Re-Up Bonuses

Re-Up Free Play 45% $200 $1,000
All Re-deposits 20% $100 $500


Mid-Week Deposit 10% $100 $500
Reduced Juice None None Juice of -105 applies

All of these bonuses and promotions, except for the Sign-Up bonuses, are available all the time, so as a member of the Legends sportsbook, you should take full advantage of these.

Legends Banking Options — Score: 9/10

Legends does offer their members quite a few different options for when they want to deposit any funds into their accounts. The options for withdrawing funds is a little more limited due to the fact that not all methods can be used to withdraw.

Deposit Methods

Withdrawal Methods

Visa Credit Card Western Union Money Gram Click2Pay Ukash Cashier’s Check Money Gram Cashier’s Check
NETELLER (non-U.S. members) Moneybookers (non-U.S. members) NETELLER (non-U.S. members) Moneybookers (non-U.S. members)

As there could be members that do not live in the U.S., they have some options for them as well. Members need to remember that there could be fees, either on behalf of the Legends sportsbook or due to the specific deposit/withdrawal method.

Legends Customer Service — Score: 10/10

Legends has every option and method covered when it comes to helping their members. They offer some great contact methods for their members.



Customer Service Telephone

1-888-282-8989 1-800-246-9828 1-888-880-7898





Live Help

Online chat service through the website

Skype Chat

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