US Friendly Online Sportsbooks

Sports bettors localized in the U.S. can search for and find U.S. friendly sportsbooks through They will be able to find the best sportsbooks that cater to their specific needs. This is a list of the best online sportsbooks that U.S. bettors can find when wanting to place bets on their favorite NFL teams and match-ups. Betting on the NFL has never been easier, especially when you have all of the information and odds available through these prestigious sportsbooks.


Bovada Sportsbook Online Bovada is an excellent U.S. friendly sportsbook that has been able to captivate and cater to the sports bettors needs. They offer the latest’s odds, along with the upcoming schedule and match-ups for the NFL. Becoming a member is quick, easy, and even comes with a 50% Free Bet, so you can start placing wagers on the many different NFL match-ups available.
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 TopBet Online Sportsbook Join the rest of the sports fans at the U.S. friendly sportsbook, TopBet, and be able to check up on the latest news and odds for the upcoming NFL match-ups during this season. New members could get a 50% bonus and for the loyal members, they could get a 50% reload bonus to use when wagering on this current NFL season. Betting on anything football related is quick and easy at the TopBet online sportsbook.


  BetOnline started offering the best and most updated betting odds for the NFL and the season matches since 2001. Becoming a member is very easy and very profitable, as new members get a 25% bonus. For those loyal members, they receive a 25% bonus when they deposit funds into their accounts. Be part of the BetOnline rewards program and get many different prizes, including free cash to use when betting on the NFL match-ups.

Wager Web

  Wager Web has been in the online sports betting world for a long time, bringing experience and odds that match Las Vegas. New members can enjoy a 200% bonus, along with a variety of different bonuses and promotions that will get the bettor started. They have a great selection of NFL betting lines, along with news and updates. Wager Web is a great place to start betting on this hard-hitting NFL season.


  InterTops has an extensive background in providing sports betting ever since 1996. They have latest odds and the most recent news on all of the NFL match-ups. Along with the great services, they have a great 25% Sign Up Bonus, and even a 10% Deposit Bonus for those loyal members. InterTops is always thinking of ways to improve their services and satisfy their members.


  5Dimes has an accumulated experience as an online sportsbook that enables them to give their members the best odds possible, especially on the NFL betting lines. They actually allow their members to pick the odds they want to wager on. They are welcoming new members with a 50% bonus, and for those members that need to deposit into their accounts, they get a 50% reload bonus. Become a member of 5Dimes and enjoy all of the perks that come with it like cash back, reduced juice bets, and a great rewards program.


  The Legends online sportsbook offers a perfect combination of form and function; keeping the sportsbook looking sleek and easy to use. For those bettors looking for great betting odds for the NFL season match-ups, Legends is the place to be. For anyone thinking of joining, they offer new members a 40% bonus and give their loyal members a 20% deposit bonus. They have many other great bonuses and promotions, including Reduced Juice bets.

Sports Betting

Sports Betting joined the U.S. friendly sportsbooks thanks to its partnership with BetOnline. They have no wasted any time getting the best odds possible for the current NFL season. So, anyone that is looking for a great place to bet on the upcoming NFL matches, and be able to receive a 25% free play bonus on every qualified deposit. Members will also be able to enjoy the Sports Betting Edge, where they can get all of the latest tips and analysis.


  JustBet mixes technology with sports. Members can enjoy from the best betting services while using the quickest and easiest methods possible. Betting on the NFL is an easy task when wagering through JustBet. On top of the great services, they offer a 50% Sign Up Bonus, along with a Reload Bonus of up to $5,000. Join JustBet now, and be able to enjoy great NFL odds and great bonuses.


  BetGuardian offers an array of news and odds that can help any sports bettor when they are picking which NFL match-ups to bet on. Becoming a member is easy and they can receive a 100% bonus. Being a loyal member also pays off, where BetGuardian offers a great rewards program where members can get free play cash, deposit bonuses, and can even get a Wager Warranty.


  BetDSI, the diamond among online sportsbooks, offers their members a great selection of sports, which include great odds for the current NFL season. These members can enjoy from the latest news, and can even get a 20% Deposit Bonus. The new members of BetDSI can also enjoy a 20% Bonus on their first deposit. Finding and betting on the NFL match-ups cannot be easier than with BetDSI.


  BookMaker is where any sports bettor can find their preferred sport to wager on. During the NFL season, bettors can enjoy from the latest news and the most current odds available. Become a member of BookMaker and get a 15% bonus, and current members can enjoy getting bonuses of up to 65%. BookMaker makes it easy for their members to deposit and withdraw from their accounts.

Heritage Sports

  Heritage Sports offers its services, exclusively to U.S. bettors that have been invited by other members or by the sportsbook. This is done to maintain a high level of quality, which makes it an amazing sportsbook to join. For those bettors that join, they will receive a 28% bonus; they also could get 10% cash back on their losses and get an 8% deposit bonus. They do not rely on bonuses, since their quality NFL odds speak for themselves.
  For those bettors located in the U.S., you will not find a better list of sportsbooks that cater to your every need and want. You can sit back and relax while you place bets on your favorite NFL teams and weekly match-ups. Find the best odds or the best bonuses and promotions and take advantage of them. These U.S. friendly online sportsbooks are here for your benefit, so take a look at all of them and pick the one(s) that are a perfect fit for you.